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There are dragons in the sky

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PostPosted: Thu Sep 10, 2009 1:01 pm    Post subject: There are dragons in the sky Reply with quote

The title was what spawned this. I got it from the recent Hubble pictures, more specifically this. The text itself is quite unrelated and has more to do with my Lovecraft reading than anything else. At any rate, here it is:

There are dragons in the sky

At daytime itís safe. But when night falls, they come, carrying the darkness on their wings. They are grand, terribly so, like the whole of the forest. On silent wings they come, beating black and night down onto the land so that all the small horrors of life dare to show their faces. The dark brings madness with it, fuelled by those relentless wings beating. It is like a great rhythm, making demons out of us and gods out of them. On the old mounds, under which lies buried things we dare not dream about, the horrors gather with those of us they have caught and dance to that old rhythm. An old and savage dance, done in honor of those enormous beasts that bring all of this upon us, meant to draw the attention of these beings that is wholly uninterested in us, to whom our madness and demons mean nothing. Each night, there are some of us who does not make it to safety, who the horrors find and bind like cattle to dance with them. For them the dance is changing, making them forever a bit like those that bound them. Be it claw or fang or scale, come morning they must live with some taint of the nightly dances. Some of our mad or young seek this change, going out at night to dance. From them we now that to dance on the old mounds is a privilege not bestowed on any might wish it. Often they are chosen and as they change more and more, their minds shrink from the times and doings of daylight, and dwell instead on dark and magic things.
Night after night, the terrible things from under the dragonsí wings call on them they have announced their masters, those who neither need nor desire minions and night after night they are fruitless. Once and only once, when the dance was so terrible, when a full half of us were snared by the horrors, the dragons reacted. When young Jonathan, a man of such terrible vision and alien desire, forced his way into the dance, joined with ferociousness unmatched and screamed again and again unknown and alien words and names, they reacted. The beating grew louder and slower until we saw the whole of one dragon had descended further towards us. This alien size moved ever onward, yet there seemed no end to it either. The form was sleek and strong yet ill-defined and incoherent. A single grand thunder, as from a great drum which forever dulled the sounds in the world and the beast was gone, and Jonathan with it. What words and names he said, we suspect even the demons didnít know for such a night has not been repeated, even when many of us have danced at one time.
Since that night, our young and mad have tried to take Jonathanís place in the night and since that night, our new born have been strange. They are born with dark and slimed skin, eyeless but with a great lore of hearing and feeling. Their fingers and limbs are long and groping and they are shunned. Only the woman who takes two men, the women who are taken by force or come with child through other means sinful and depraved, may carry a true child. So, in Jonathans name, we are now the creatures born of sin, hateful of our true children with whom the truly changed find a great kinship with and now we wonder for the future.
Now in Vienna there's ten pretty women
There's a shoulder where death comes to cry
There's a lobby with nine hundred windows
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PostPosted: Wed Dec 09, 2009 11:19 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

It was rather dark but good all the same.
Are you looking for feed back on your idea or something else?
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