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The Rules

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PostPosted: Mon Apr 14, 2008 4:48 am    Post subject: The Rules Reply with quote

Our original rules list was lost with the rest of the forum, so I'll try to rplicate it as best I can.

Rule the first: All standard forum rules apply. Keep things PG. So no explicit sex scenes, no overly explicit violence, no (real) swearwords - you're welcome to use made-up swearwords, particularly if you (or someone else) invented them specifically for the world in question. No flaming in OOC. Clearly we have some leniency around the usual forum rules, particularly about violence, as the games we play usually involve some form of killing things. Such decisions and grantings of leniency are at the discretion of the Lady, Mods and GMs, in that order.

Rule the second: GM's rules apply, unless they contradict any rules contained in this post, or any basic forum rules.

Rule the third: Game threads: As far as possible, keep out-of-context (OOC) posts in the OOC threads. Minor clarifications and questions are welcome in game threads when commented out using ((double brackets)) or similar, but anything longer than one line should be taken to OOC. Similarly, it is a good idea to maintain a separate thread for important background, bios etc, to avoid cluttering the OOC thread and making such info difficult to find. So ideally, three threads per game - Game thread, in which in-character posts are made, OOC thread, in which out of context/character posts are made, and Background info thread, in which bios and other important background information about the game are posted.

Rule the fourth: No god-modding, no meta-gaming, no bunnying. That is to say, your characters should be played as realistically as possible - they should not be invincible masters of everything they come across, and should remain limited by their bios. Similarly, be careful to make sure that your character doesn't make use of any knowledge that you as a player have, but they as a character do not (particularly prevalent in my games, as I like to include exposition from villains the characters have not met yet in the game thread. Again, on this point, the GM's decision is final. If s/he thinks you are breaking this rule, changes must be made as requested to avoid it. Finally, no bunnying - play only your own character, unless you have explicit permission otherwise - remember that other players' character actions and reactions are theirs to determine, and unless you're told otherwise by the GM, NPC actions are up to them.

Rule the fifth: Character deaths. Player Characters cannot be killed without the express agreement of both the GM and the player concerned. Exceptions include if an RPG is being shut down for good, in which case the GM is welcome to do a 'rocks fall, everyone dies', or if a player has been inactive for a length of time which the GM will specify at the beginning of the RP - two weeks is a good guideline, depending on the speed of play - in which case the GM can kill the character at their discretion without player approval. Players who warn of upcoming absences in the appropriate thread are exempt from this.

Rule the sixth: Please take this seriously - by agreeing to play, you are making a commitment to put some time and effort into the games - as mentioned above, if you are inactive without explanation for more than a length of time at the GM's discretion, your character can be killed off without your approval. Which brings me to:

Rule the seventh: Please use correct spelling and grammar. If you are not confident of your spelling, either type your posts out in a word processor, spell check and copy/paste, or use a browser with a spell checker, such as Firefox. Similarly, please try to be as eloquent as possible - we're trying to tell as story here, so longer posts are preferred over shorter ones.

Rule the eighth: Starting a new RP. GMs: when beginning a new game, please post a poll to gauge interest. Have a fully developed concept ready, with enough material to last for at least a couple of full chapters. Be prepared to devote a lot of time if you're GMing. Rules about how a player joins your game and how many players you are willing to take on are at your discretion when beginning a game. A good guideline is a minimum of 3 non-GM players, who must each submit a biography of their character by PM and have it approved before beginning play. Players: follow the rules the GM sets out for joining.

Rule the ninth: While you can join multiple RPGs, you may only have ONE character per RPG.

Rule the tenth: A bit of drama can add spice to an RPG, but too much can completely overturn it. If you are considering an in-game confrontation between your character and another player's character, then please check with the other player first to avoid any confusions or trouble. It's good courtesy and it also helps avoid unpleasant player-to-player confrontations, and a little fore-warning always helps smooth things along.
If you're unsure about the scale i.e. how it might affect the game in future, it is often a good idea to contact the GM in question as well. Even if it isn't a big thing, they will probably prefer to know in advance in case it affects the running of the RPG.


If anyone has any input on these rules, can think of anything I've forgotten, corrections, or anything along those lines, please let me know in the rules suggestion thread i'm about to put up.
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