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It was probably a Monday

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PostPosted: Fri Aug 07, 2009 4:17 pm    Post subject: It was probably a Monday Reply with quote

Hello all,
I just attempted a little writing and you are my 'lucky' audience. This is based on a true story.

I feel the need to set the stage.
1) I did not get to bed until about 5.30 to 6.00 in the morning. At that time specifics were not a priority.
2) As I had little or no sleep the night before so I was more than a little tired.
3) Yesterday I had arranged to store some very valuable gaming tools (Nerd toys) in my house for a friend.
4) I expected him to contact me at a reasonable hour, in or about 10am. This was arranged when I had planned to be in bed by 11pm.

I woke up to the loud, annoying and above all, penetrating noise that is my text alert tone. Thinking, (for want of a better word, 'thinking' will do but I assure you I was not capable of any coherent thought for another couple of hours) that this was my friend and that he wanted in, I set about trying to find my phone. There were only one or two little things standing against me in this.
I was still for all intense and purposes asleep. Have you ever woken up and still been dreaming? Well that was the state my mind was in.
It was far too warm, meaning, I had not had a comfortable sleep and my body was making sure I was aware of this.
For those of you who need glasses you know that without them you can see nothing and when you wake up tired it is even worse. My vision at this point was made up of spots and a gravely, out of focus, gray mess. I had also sat up to fast and had gotten faint headed. I was not aware of this at the time. Looking back it explains some things.
While attempting to grab my phone from its usual 'while Iím asleep you are hear' place I walloped the chair which not only hurt (and failed to wake me up) but also smashed the thing outside of easy reach. After a spirited* search to find the phone underneath the chair I concluded that I must of left it in one of my apparently many, many pockets. I spent a couple of minutes pawing my way through various articles of clothing (more specifically the pockets) with no success. Realizing that glasses may be useful I reached for them and found them missing, oh joy.
At this point I was unable to concentrate on more then half of one thing at a time (this is true for all of this story, that last sentence implies that I became more coherent, I did not) so I promptly forgot about them and decided that it would be easier to look for the 'dammed' phone if I turned on the light.
Which i did, this had the temporarily effect of both startling myself and blinding me even more. So much so that I stumbled about flailing uselessly for a bit. Tripping over books, waking into beds hitting wardrobes, that sort of thing.
After I recovered a very little bit, I, in one weird and random piece of fuzzy thinking, decided to try on every piece of clothing I had been wearing yesterday, separately. This would find the phone for me, it made sense at the time. You know that when your foot gets stuck in the sleeve of a shirt and you canít understand why its not going on that you should just give up. So I did quickly concluding that the search for the phone was a lost cause. I went to turn off the light and plunge (hopefully) into sweet, sweet oblivion. Only, I found the phone on top of the chest of draws next to the light switch. (It is to my eternal credit that I am only a little bitter about this next bit.) The text was a spam message. I was not pleased. I went back to bed, but not before I dropped the phone onto the chair (The usual place I keep my phone when I sleep) it landed on my glasses.

At least I found them.

*Spirited = Groping ineffectually with one hand with no support from any eye.
In case youíre wondering had been up the night before painting toys in a friendís house.
"He gave you a life and you should cherish that treasure." - Benny

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