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I'm not getting Mass Effect PC :(

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PostPosted: Wed May 07, 2008 10:12 pm    Post subject: I'm not getting Mass Effect PC :( Reply with quote

Q: What happens if I want to play MEPC but do not have an internet connection?
A: You cannot play MEPC without an internet connection. MEPC must authenticate when it is initially run and every 10 days thereafter.

Q: What happens if I install and activate MEPC with an internet connection, but then do not have an internet connection after 10 days? Can I still play MEPC?
A: No. After 10 days the system needs to re-authenticate via the internet. If you do not have an internet connection you will not be able to play until you are reconnected to the internet and able to re-authenticate.


There are a lot of questions that come up around this sort of DRM, things like, ‘If you've got nothing to hide why does it bother you anyway?’ Of course suggesting that someone has nothing to hide is always going to be a bit of a rum argument. We've all got things to hide. Or if not can I have your card numbers, address, and PIN along with a list of how you voted in the last elections?

When dealing with issues of right and wrong there’s quite a bit of groundwork to lay: Is morality something that actually exists? If it is can you hand it to someone as a physical object; can we imagine a property of an object such that it would compel a duty? It seems however that regardless of whether these questions have a positive or negative answer we do not know that answer at the moment. If morality does have its own existence, even as a property of an object it is as of yet unknown to us and the very subjectivity of our own moral values would seem to indicate that we base our morals on something other than objective fact.
Yet it cannot be denied that we have at least some measure of morality. This would in the broadest terms be most likely the result of our personalities, themselves being the results of our biological makeup to which we are innately subjected, along with our life experiences.

For those who would nonetheless insist that morality is somehow innate I would point out that the effects of environment on morality and society cannot be overstated. We have only to look at the Maori Moriori collision in the Chatham Islands to see this. Both cultures arose during a relatively short span of history from roughly the same genetic stock and with roughly the same technological basis for their societies. However the Moriori found themselves on islands with relatively few natural resources ill suited for their style of agriculture and thus evolved a pacifistic society which renounced war and castrated male infants in order to control population growth. Their Maori relatives by contrast were able to develop a much larger population base with relatively dense centres of administration and the crop basis to support specialists and the hierarchical system that came with such a capability. Thus the environment produced one group of warlike people and one group of pacifists, the former of whom would later annihilate the latter.

Within our own society a microcosm of this external model can be cited as the basis for all rights and morality. For while it’s possible to say that a morality reproduces itself by things such as conditioning, that morality has formed in response to some environmental or social need. The question then becomes by what need are the rights to privacy and so on formed?

Within our own society the only real threat to the individual is other members of his society. If another individual in your society knows your bank codes, for instance, you can only hope that either his morality, (that being his conditioning as influenced by his available biology,) or the institutionalised rights connected to the group morality will restrain him from using them or protect you from the effects of that use. Most of our rights are not universal rights and most of our morality is not applied universally, it exists because it serves a purpose to us and is by and large selectively applied on that basis.

An individual thus has a right to exercise a certain measure of control over their own personal information to insure their own economic, psychological and physical safety. These are issues of privacy relating directly to the safety of the individual, which in turn relates them to society, and it is from there that the individual’s right to control that information is derived. In a similar manner to Rousseau’s idea of the individual surrendering their freedoms to the state and in turn receiving rights the individual tolerates their neighbour’s rights and in turn receives their rights. Morality exists in great part out of mutual respect for the violence we could do each other if we ever openly fought.

This sort of DRM approach is dangerous within this moral framework for two reasons: firstly because it impinges upon the idea that the individual is able to control their personal information, such as the IP address of their computer, which to an extent indicates their physical location, and their other information that may or may not be attached to the authentication process such as the specs of their computer thus weakening our other rights to control our personal information as well as being a basic impingement on already existing rights.

The second reason it is dangerous is, as Lao Tzu noted in the past, ‘If you treat people like criminals they will become criminals.’ If morality relies so much on a respect for another then when you fail to show respect you weaken the collective morality, you make criminals more likely to occur.
I'd actually put the money asides to buy this game. It's a Bioware title after all, they're usually pretty good. Heck just looking up I have some of their titles I lugged six hundred miles with me in my limited luggage allowance sitting over my computer. But there are obvious limits to what people are prepared to tolerate and this crosses them.

Ah well, guess that’s another lost sale they’ll chock up to piracy without sufficient corroborating evidence.
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PostPosted: Thu May 08, 2008 12:38 pm    Post subject: Re: I'm not getting Mass Effect PC :( Reply with quote

Nem wrote:
The second reason it is dangerous is, as Lao Tzu noted in the past, ‘If you treat people like criminals they will become criminals.’
Indeed. If a legitimate copy is going to do this, then what are a whole lot of people going to do?

Aquire illegitimate copies.
(Or at least crack their legit ones.)
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PostPosted: Sat May 10, 2008 5:11 am    Post subject: Reply with quote


It may still be an annoying DRM, and Squee really wouldn't put up with it still, but at least Bioware is putting the pressure on EA. Some of Squee's faith in the EA acquisition is restored Smile
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