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Vampire Hunters - Phoenix Edition: Information Thread

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PostPosted: Mon May 05, 2008 2:53 am    Post subject: Vampire Hunters - Phoenix Edition: Information Thread Reply with quote

All basic information for the Vampire Hunters RPG will get updated into this thread. To make things easier to read, I'll update with a new post for each section or chapter, depending on how much new information needs to go up. However, any questions should be addressed in the OOC thread or PMs.

Vampiric History/Mythology and Politics

A Short History on Vampires:

Caine murdered Abel. God cursed Caine. Caine became the first vampire.

Vampires have existed on Earth since that day. Caine fathered many childer in his days, to help ease his loneliness. He even fathered the infamous Dracula himself. The vampires grew powerful through the decades, and without an opposing force to keep their population in check, they quickly threatened to overtake humanity entirely.

God brought forth that opposing force. Humans, blessed with holy powers, began to hunt the vampires down. Caine was always a step ahead of them, vampiric historians say, and thus was not killed in those early days. The humans eventually became organized, forming the Order of Anima in 1467. The Order, over many centuries, managed to nearly eradicate all of the vampires on Earth. The vampires were forced into hiding.

1797 marks the rise of the vampires again. They began to slowly repopulate the earth, and slowly infiltrated the institutions of the world. Once they established their networks, they decided that the time for hiding was over. The vampires launched a major coupe of epic proportions in 1991 and managed to overthrow the Worlds super powers.

Caine himself, spoke publicly to the vampires, via satellite broadcasts throughout the world. He laid forth a set of ground rules, rules that all vampires were to abide by, or face the suns wrath.

1. Do not father childer.
a. Vampires believe humans are cattle. If you turn all the cattle into vampires, you loose your major food source.

2. Kill humans only in defense of oneself.
a. If you kill all the cattle, you loose your major food source. Self restraint must be used.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Caine named 5 of his childer to rule the 5 populated continents. Antarctica was left unclaimed.

Conyers, Jayden
Sired by Caine in 1695. Caine named him successor to the North American continent. He or one of his childer either sired the majority of the vampires in North America. His seat of power is in New York City.

Ramiro, Fia
Sired by Caine in 1500. Caine named her successor to the South American continent. Originally from Portugal, she moved to Rio de Janeiro in 1900. A previous elder sired the majority of the vampires, but Fia quickly dispatched him upon her arrival to the city.

Diedrick, Barret
Sired by Caine in 1358. Caine named him successor of the European continent. His seat of power is in Berlin, Germany.

Hoshino, Kaori
Sired by Caine in 1712. Caine named her successor of the Asian. Her seat of power is in Tokyo, Japan.

Davis, Bricen
Sired by Cain in 1757. Caine named him successor of the Australian continent. His seat of power is in Sydney, Australia.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Territorial Princes of Note

The Order of the Anima have encountered certain Princes who have proven themselves to be very formidable enemies. Current enemies who are high on the hit list include:

Joyce, Henry - Prince of the city in which the current main hub for the Order is based. Joyce has many business concerns, both legitimate and shady on both sides of the Atlantic, and a small commercial empire which has been rapidly expanding much to the distaste of his compatriots and rivals. He is the main threat that the Order of the Anima have met in recent months.

Benton, Edgar - Prince of a nearby city and Joyce's main territorial rival. Benton does not have the same wealth base as Joyce, but he has a stronger political one amongst other vampires. At this moment in time, the Order do not have as detailed notes concerning Benton, but his continued open antagonism with Joyce has been a sign of dangerous times ahead. To Be Updated As And When New Information Becomes Available.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Combatting the Vampires:

How To Fight Vampires:

Garlic does nothing to the vampires in this setting, except mildly amuse them. (Or repel their dates)

Crosses repel them, but if physical contact is made can harm them. Bullets with crosses cut into them can kill a vampire.

They cannot enter sacred or holy ground/buildings. They can enter some churches and temples etc the main matter is whether or not a presence of faith can be felt there.

Holy water will burn them if it makes contact with their skin. If injected, they have an allergic reaction and go into anaphylactic shock in a matter of minutes.

Fire will kill younger vampires, while it only seriously wounds older ones.

A stake through the heart is certain death for a vampire. Cain cannot be killed via stake in the heart however.

Decapitation will kill a vampire. Lets refrain from doing that a lot though, because its a bit gory.

Vampires will begin to turn to ash in the direct sunlight.

Abilities of Higher Level Vampires:
((Players will not encounter Higher Level Vampires until after Chapter 1 or 2, so this Information shall be updated later))
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