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The Vampire Hunters - Phoenix Edition RPG - Bio Thread

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PostPosted: Fri Apr 25, 2008 12:02 pm    Post subject: The Vampire Hunters - Phoenix Edition RPG - Bio Thread Reply with quote

Here is where all bios should be posted for the Vampire Hunters RPG. Please send them to the GM for approval before posting here; once you have the metaphorical seal, you be good to go!

Now without further ado, here's my character - I shall be posting the NPC's bios later on for your delight and delectation.

Rav's character -

Name: Yoon Jae-kim
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Hair: Dark, short and scruffy most of the time
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5’4”
Build: Slim, but with a little bit of compact muscle
Distinguishing Marks: long scar running diagonally across her back, from right shoulder to left-hand side of her waist; pierced ears, usually just wears simple studs or sleepers


Power(s): Holy Aura
Skills: good knowledge of savate; some basic knowledge of staff-fighting; when given enough Tiger, she turns into a mean karaoke queen; plays the guitar a little, but doesn’t practice it with any dedication; Speaks English well, reading not so much?
Weapon(s): telescoping bo staff
- 6 Holy Waters
- 5 small crosses
- 7 stakes
- Rosary
- Flick-knife


Time with the Anima? (if applicable): 4 years
Personality: When she isn’t on mission, she tends to be very out-going and exuberant, enjoy joking, teasing and general tomfoolery when the time is appropriate. While she is out-going, this doesn’t mean she opens up easily. She can be blunt sometimes, and can be quick to anger. Since developing her English skills a bit, she has found a fondness for sarcasm.

Background: Jae-kim has no idea about what happened to her family in the early days of the vampire coup d’état, simply because she has no memory of it. She was raised in a missionary-run orphanage, which she considers to be her formative home. Bonding into a fraternal unit with three other residents, they were frequently in and out of scrapes as kids are wont to do, and as they got older, two of them got dropped out after junior high and got involved in shady dealings of the kkangpae*, while Jae-kim and the other “sibling” were pushed to go onto senior high. However this didn’t keep them from harm’s way. For reasons unknown, a group of vamps attacked the establishment and killed the staff there. She thinks they might have been members of a rival gang that two of her “brothers” had ticked off, looking to make a show of territorial power. Jae-kim doesn’t completely have clear memories of that night or how precisely she escaped, but it was then she was given the scar across her back, and she remembers that well enough.
As soon as she had recovered enough, she got the heck out of Dodge, and spent time back-packing through several countries, eventually making her way to the US. She encountered the Anima one night after she somehow got herself into a rather stupid fight with some vamps outside of a bar: words and punches were traded, and she acquitted herself well for a minute or two before getting her backside severely kicked. Lucky for her, some Anima members who were on patrol managed to extricate her before she was exsanguinated. Not having much to tie her down and wanting to do something active with her life, she asked to be allowed to join, and for whatever reason, they said yes and she’s been with them ever since.
Her background isn’t something she tends to discuss unless she trusts someone implicitly. While she is quite gregarious and out-going, this doesn’t always translate into trust or openness.
Since the attack on Robesonia, she felt forced to drop her full joker personality, though she is easy-going and friendly towards her teammates, tending to think of them as family. She’s taken on responsibilities alongside Diarmuid and they lead the team together while on missions, which suits her fine.

(*Korean approximation of Triads/Cosa Nostra/Yakuza… I could go on.)

Relationships with other members? (if applicable): to be sorted
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PostPosted: Fri Apr 25, 2008 12:06 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Name: Jaze Chatravee
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Height: 6'0"
Build: Lean and muscular
Distinguishing Marks: He has small gages in both lobes and scars on the inside of his arms from drug use.

Power(s): Holy Light
Skills: Firearm proficiency>trick shots, knife proficiency, moderate martial art skills
Weapons: 2 pistols with good silencers, ruby-hilted stiletto knife.
Equipment: Knife, gun, gun, boxes of ammo, boxes of ammo, vials of holy water

Time with the Anima? (if applicable): 2 years

Personality: Easy-going, but very sensitive and easily hurt by any slight, but very grateful for any kindness. He's not very romantically at all, but he does acknowledge his bisexuality.

Background: He grew up in Thailand before the monks shipped him out; he caused a ruckus at the monastery he was staying at because he saw that the vampires were gaining power and subverting the authorities. As he left, he saw the monks rounded up by a group of vampires. Jaze left his mother, with whom he had an incredibly close connection, in Bangkok; he has been searching for a way to get back to her, or even to see that she's alive--he never got a chance to say goodbye to her, and he's not entirely sure if she knows what happened to him.

Jaze sank into street life since he didn't have anybody he knew here. He was homeless for a while, and he became addicted to Red13. He became adept at taking care of himself since Red13 increased his sensory acuity, and he became an incredible sharpshooter a he ran from angry drug dealers and other addicts from whom he may have stolen or reneged on a deal. He eventually found Anima, with whom he stirred up trouble accidentally as he tried to hide his addiction. They helped him withdraw, however, and he's been clean for a couple of months. New members will no know of his addiction, but older members will remember the fights they had with perfect acuity. He's been an asset as a long-range gunman and in siege situations with his trick shots, but he's no stranger to the ruby dagger his mother gave him.

Relationships with other members? (if applicable): Especially close to Jae and Dia; views them as a surrogate family.
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PostPosted: Sat Apr 26, 2008 12:48 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Name: Barret Morgan
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Height: 175 cm (5'-9”)
Hair: Dirty blond
Eyes: Left blue, right brown
Build: Lean
Distinguishing Marks: Scars on left hand and arm

Power(s): Detect Unholy
Skills: Skilled with various small arms: knives, handguns, broken bottles, etc.; mediocre thief.
Weapons: Three knives, a small flat 9mm pistol that holds 13 rounds.
-3 stakes
-2 spare clips
-Leatherman multitool
-Dog-eared paperback Beowulf
-Worn leather jacket

Time with the Anima: 4 years

Personality: Barret is a reasonably quiet guy and is fiercely loyal to the Order and its members. He doesn't tend towards confrontation, follows instructions, and can be depended on to act on behalf of the Order, though not necessarily at the behest of any particular member. He used to work in construction before devoting himself to the Anima full-time. and always carries a copy of Beowulf, because he likes to read it.

Background: Barret just fell through the cracks. A quiet guy in school, he wasn't one to raise attention or cause trouble. He played on the mediocre school football team as a second string running back, until a violent compound fracture gave him the scars on his left arm and he left the team in his junior year. He loved his family and his older brother, still got along with his ex-girlfriend, and didn't know what he planned to do with himself after high school.
He was out at a bar with his brother shortly after his 18th birthday. His brother got too tipsy and pissed off a local vamp named Davis, who retaliated by beating him to a bloody pulp outside. His brother died in an alley and Barret never went back home. He lived on the streets for a couple of months, scraping out a living among the other street people, and learned the harder aspects of his nature: how to fight, how to steal, how to beg, how to walk away from someone in need. He stayed in the same general area, so when an Order member chased that same Davis into an alley where Barret was sleeping, Barret didn't think twice about stabbing the vamp in the back with a hunting knife. Davis didn't die from it, of course, but he did from the stake the Order member had. Barret joined the Order that night and has given good service since.

Relationships with other members: None significantly.
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PostPosted: Mon Apr 28, 2008 11:40 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Name: Diarmuid (Pron. Dermott) O’Bannon
Age: 36
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 170lb
Build: slim, wiry, lightly muscled but well-toned
Hair: Ginger/strawberry blonde
Distinguishing marks: gold eyebrow ring, left eyebrow, small gold earring, left lobe. A number of tattoos, including a Chinese dragon across his shoulder blades, tribal designs on right shoulder, numerous smaller designs in various locations, and no, you can’t see all of them, you dirty-minded… XP

Power: holy light, into the gloom

Skills: Berserker. When not in berserker rage, fights with limited skill, but intelligently. Uses his Holy Light well. The stakes and holy water are something of a backup.

Weapon: one of those heavy decorative staff/mace things used in the bigger churches/cathedrals, not sure what they’re called, but it’s weighty, jewelled, a piece of holy kit, and emblazoned with (holy) crosses, remains attached to him by a chain leading to his wrist during combat. The whole thing’s blessed/holy. Fights as a berserker.

Mace/staff thingy
5 x holy water, in syringes
2 x stakes

Time with Anima: 8 years.

Personality: Irish by birth and raising. He’s naturally easygoing and happy, though there are hidden depths of personal trouble, some of which he keeps secret, some of which he lets out, but only rarely, usually when drunk. Can get a bit maudlin on the Guinness, but no longer becomes violent. Enjoys playing tricks and jokes.

Background: Born in rural Republic of Ireland, raised in a strictly catholic family, Diarmuid realised he was gay at a fairly young age. His family found out, and it led to a long and unhappy adolescence. His father often beat him, he was bullied at school. He retreated into his shell, working hard, using schoolwork as a crutch to avoid thinking about his troubles. He developed a hatred of the church which tried to change him, as well. He did retain, however, a belief in God. It was not based around any church, rather a personal view of and interpretation of the bible. He never left home, though, and never reported his problems, preferring to suffer in silence. As soon as he could, however, he broke away and left for university, studying human biology in London.

This marked a huge change in his life. For his first two years, he went totally wild. He had numerous one-night stands, drank heavily, got tattooed and pierced more times than he cared to remember, took various drugs, had a number of health scares. He also got into frequent bar-fights. Often when these happened, he would see red, and remember little of the occurrences. Witnesses reported him to be very violent during these periods, with little care for himself. His grades suffered, and he only just scraped through, both in terms of study and in terms of cash. Near the end of his first year, though, he met Gabriel. Gabriel calmed him down, cooled him off, and generally exerted a stabilising influence. They were soon an inseparable couple, surviving right through the final year, in which a much more studious Diarmuid scored highly, managing a high 2.1 despite his poor first 2 years. He got a job in a research centre in the US studying blood-borne parasites like malaria.

Then the coup happened. Gabriel was caught in the first throes and converted. Diarmuid broke down, serious mental distress ensued. It also exacerbated his former drunken red-outs into full-blown berserker rage. He taught himself vaguely how to fight and joined the ranks of the vampire hunters soon after, beginning alone, then continuing with Anima after a few years. He now fights as a full berserker, completely unconsciously, with little care for his own safety. One of his goals is to find Gabriel and lay him finally to rest. Between missions, he uses his biological knowledge to research Vampirism, in the hope of a cure, or a vaccination, some way to combat them effectively.

Was seriously injured shortly before the first base was discovered, breaking his leg badly. Has since recovered his tone and fitness very well.

The attacks on the original anima base left Diarmuid one of the highest-ranking remaining members of the team. His natural gregariousness and winning personality have made him a fairly good leader, though he can be a little too chummy at times, and lose his detachment. He is gradually moving closer to a cure/vaccine, making advances using holy water and a number of anti-retroviral agents. It’s difficult work in the conditions, especially without proper labs, and without any assistants and help.

He was affected by the attacks, but like so much in his life, he suppressed it to a great extent. Again, like so much, his feelings for the older anima team tend to surface with liberal applications of Guinness.
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PostPosted: Mon Apr 28, 2008 12:14 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Name: Niamh (pron. Nieve) Creide MacCool
Age: 23
Sex: Female
Hair: Flaming red
Eyes: 1 green, 1 blue
Height: 6' 1”
Build: Tall and lean
Other physical characteristics: 2 tattoos - a stylistic dragon on her back (visible depending on the shirt), and a small strange tree on her lower left hip (not usually visible).
Powers: Purification
Personality: Niamh's bright, peppy and strange. Given the state of the world she probably shouldn't be as happy as she is, but she figures that Vampires shouldn't ruin ones life just because they've taken over. She just looks at it as another reason to be cheerful, and to fight back.

Skills: Niamh's a hunter and an excellent long distance marksman (with her compound bow), she started out young on deer and other game. She was taught to hunt by her father, though not with your standard guns. She instead learned a multitude of trapping techniques (eg snares, pits, traps), big game, small game. She also learned how to properly drop large game with a compound bow She uses these skills to her advantage as good backup for the people who fight in the thick of things. 1st year of Brew Mastery, and inventor

Time with Anima: few months??

Tools of the Trade: Holy water (10), Compound bow with (20) arrows, rope, string/wire, LeatherMan multitool (piers, skrew drivers etc) for creating traps, hunting knife with small Celtic cross on the pomel.

Background: Niamh grew up in rural Scotland near the Ilse of Skye, and except for the random slang, generally manages to speak without her accent, so not to confuse the Americans.

Her parents were “hippy pagans”. They raised their daughter on a small self sufficient farm, where they grew their own food and hunted for any additional game/food they needed. Her father took great pleasure in the fact that HIS daughter was an excellent hunter, knew how to wander the woods (and most any place without being seen), had an independant spirit and knew her way around the farm equipment. Although she did have a horribly annoying knack of taking apart his farm equipment right when he needed it, but it at least when she put it back together it usually worked better then it had before.

They raised her in a Neo-Pagan tradition of their own creation which combined elements of Celtic and Norse Mythology as well as Buddhism an pretty much any other thing they could think off. They had a strong belief in the world of faeries, and oft times joked with Niamh that she was a gift from the fae, given her nack for tinkering with anything/everything and well for getting into trouble.

Although she led a sheltered life she excelled in schooling and was training to become a Brew Master and tinker/inventor when her world rather fell apart. She was home visiting her parents and had gone out to catch some dinner, but when she arrived back to her home she discovered Vampires had found them and were having her mother for a little afternoon tea. Her father had been killed trying to prevent them from doing so. As shock set in and instinct took over she slipped back into the wilderness retainin only one major detail from the whole scene. The Vampires that killed her parents spoke with American accents.

Since that afternoon, she's managed to make it to the US and thankfully fell upon a group of Anima before getting herself killed trying to track her parents killers.

In a fight she prefers to hang back and provide backup, and helping with exits, covering tracks and other fun hunter skills. Through her time with the Anima she's learned to defend herself (ok) up close, but would much rather avoid that kind of thing.

At headquarters she likes to spend her time creating new traps, and modifying weapons to be more effective in the hunt. Currently she's working on a change in arrow heads so that they can hold small ampules of holy water that break on impact.
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PostPosted: Mon Apr 28, 2008 10:48 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Name: Carl
Age: 43
Gender: Male
Height: 5'4"
Build: Short, heavily built
Distinguishing Marks: N/a

Power(s): Holy Light
Skills: Chinese martial arts, basic military background
Weapons: Jian in plain wood scabbard.
Equipment: N/a

Time with the Anima? (if applicable):

Personality: Calm when given time to think things out, taken to rash (often ill advised) decisions if under pressure.

Background: Carl grew up in a lower middle class family, not performing particularly well at school and achieving only average results in exams he enlisted in the army upon comming of age where he met the woman who would later become his wife. Upon leaving the army Carl got married and was father to two children. Things were relatively stable for a few years until a night when working as a bouncer he was witness to a vampire murdering a club-goer. Realising the vampire was more than willing to kill, and fearing for the safety of his family, Carl decided it would be better to dissapear.Retrospectively it might have been better for him to kill the vampire but the thought only occured to him later when regreting the decision did nothing to change it.

The following years were spent living from day to day, pursuing jobs that didn't require any documentation, building jobs and the like, paying in cash and keeping on the move whenever money and time allowed. Over years spent hidding in bars and back streets he came across news of an organisation fighting vampires. Much of it was unsubstantiated rumour, the wishful thinking of gutter drunks hoping for some kind of salvation. Not that saving the world from vampires would necesarily have improved their lot. Just the same Carl sought the group out stumbling across them eventually by luck as much as anything else.

A strange of vengeance mixed with hope posessed him upon joining. If the vampires could be defeated he could go home again. In a way the fight seemed to justify his absence from his family even if he could never go back to them. Thoughts he rarely if ever voices incase someone were to contradict them.

Relationships with other members? (if applicable):
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PostPosted: Tue Apr 29, 2008 7:19 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Name: Anna Edwards
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Hair: Long, black, usually tangled
Eyes: Green
Height: 5’2”
Build: Very slender
Distinguishing Marks: Wears a medal of St. Thomas Aquinas and one Michael the Archangel on the same chain

Power(s): Purification
Skills: Computer, researching skills. Works as the info guru for this Amina base.
Weapons: Crossbow
40 stakes
10 small bottles of Holy Water
Bible (Catholic edition!)

Time with the Anima? (if applicable): 3 years
Personality: Anna's not as shy as she used to be, but she still gets tongue-tied around strangers. Especially if they are handsome NPCs.
Anna's parents had a secret- he had been a priest, and she a nun when they met and fell in love. They managed to keep this secret until Anna was 18, and brought her up to be deeply religious in the Catholic faith. When she found out, she was so horrified that she ran away from home. Desperate to somehow repent for her parent's sins and with a slight death-wish, she sought out the Anima and basically offered them her services.
At first her time with the Anima was rocky, as she was stand-offish and not really familiar with the real world. But over the last three years, she has come to see them as a family, especially the members who have been there are long time. She is very loyal to her group and will fight to the death for any of the members. She is still quiet with strangers, and takes a while to trust people. But once Anna really knows a person, she allows a little of her sardonic humor to come out.
Anna found a way to contact her parents recently. They were relieved to hear from her, and although they were not crazy about her fighting vampires, they know she's headstrong enough that she's going to do whatever she thinks is right... even if she dies doing it. (Note- they are not in any kind of constant or reliable contact)
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PostPosted: Wed Apr 30, 2008 5:03 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I got carried away with the personality. . .


Name: Tara Lincoln
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Hair: To shoulder blades, dark, and often worn tightly pinned up or in a pony tail
Eyes: blue
Height: 5’7"
Build: Thin, but has some muscle
Distinguishing Marks: Pierced ear lobes and cartilage and a sickle shaped scar on her upper left arm


Power(s):Light Cross
Skills: Cooking, sneaking around/breaking and entering, knife throwing, camouflage/blending in
Weapon(s): a small dagger with an engraved cross that doubles as a throwing knife.
-Small first aid kit
-3 small crosses
-1 bag of trail mix
-1 bottle of regular water
-1 bottle of holy water
-1G mp3 player and ear buds
-3 stakes


Time with Anima: None as of yet, she's a new recruit

Personality: She's quiet when she first meets someone, but as soon as she warms up to them, she shows herself to be quirky and more than a bit cynical. She's always the pessimist, and is a bit superstitious as well, often depending on routine or small rituals to get her through the day, believing they'll give her luck. She doesn't do terribly well under authority normally, but knows well enough when the time for rebellion has passed - if something serious comes up, she'll shut up and do as she's told, unless she believes said orders are going to make the situation worse. However, she's recently been putting a lid on her rebellious nature because of the trouble it's gotten her into in the past. She can be extremely finiky, especially when it comes to people she decides to like - some people just don't appeal to her, she can't give a reason for this, and wouldn't even if she did. At the moment, she's not interested in romantic relationships of any sort, and so keeps a bit to herself. She also tends to feel a bit inferior, and is always trying to prove herself in some way.

Background: Tara was born in the country and lived with her parents in relative peace for the first 13 years of her life. The family was untroubled by the vampires and managed to mostly ignore the outside world. 6 years ago both her parents died in a car wreck, and Tara went to live with her aunt in the city, where she was introduced to the knowledge of vampires for the first time. Her aunt, a nurse, taught her first aid and Tara saw some of the devastation vampires caused and the state of their cast-off pets. Furious, she started searching for any information of a way she could change things. Her aunt disapproved, as the area was strictly watched by a local high-order vampire. A year ago, just before graduation, she heard rumor of a resistance organization and decided to try and find them. The vamp got wind of it however, and Tara was forced to leave town before they attacked her aunt's house. She's been trying to find a way to contact Anima ever since, and has just recently encountered success.

Relationships with other members? (if applicable): none yet
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PostPosted: Thu May 01, 2008 9:02 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Name: William (Jim) Hynes
Age: 30
Gender: Male
Height: 6'7" ~ 2m
Build: Large arms and broad shoulders, a thick and well muscled frame, though not cut or overbuilt
Distinguishing Marks: Small, intricate tattoos on his hands of words, phrases, pictograms, and such things from a number of languages, including latin, japanese, korean, hebrew, and arabic, among others. Each appears to be done seperately and by a different artist. Most prominently are identical celtic crosses on the back of each hand. The array of tattoos extends up his forearms, giving them a rather odd - if unsettling, appearance. His crew cut hair is normally spiked, and prematurely gray and white.

Power: Detect Undead
Skills: Martial Arts in a unique blend of various forms, but generally resembles a modern mix of wing chun and boston boxing.
Weapons: Carries none, but is proficient in many modern and improvised weapons. Trained in basic firearms, but not skilled and generally disregards their use unless absolutely critical or required.
Holy Bibles (Languages: Original Text [hebrew, aramaic, and latin], King James English, and Celtic)
Simple wood cross on a worn, large round-beaded rosary
Anointing Oil in a small glass container
Holy Water from the Vatican in a small sealed steel capsule

Time with the Anima?: None/New Recruit
Personality: Solemn, somber, rather quiet during the off hours. When it comes to work or a fight, or whatever is required of him however, he becomes dead-set on his task with an indomitable determination and devotion. Both of these traits are what has propelled him into his dual martial arts and missionary careers. He has a manner of seeming more intelligent than he is, most likely because he strives to speak so little and even then only say what absolutely needs to be said. Therein lies the rub, however: He is not exceptionally intelligent, and has been known to take rash actions or make snap decisions. His left hand has a slight nervous tick, and so he usually has his rosary in that hand, counting beads, oftentimes even when he is fighting.
Background: Born as the youngest of three into a small irish immigrant family, Jim Moved to the U.S. with his parents shortly after birth. They came to Massachussets, where his father was an iron worker and welder, working in construction. He had a pleasantly average childhood, raised as a good catholic boy. Just after his 13th birthday his world was shook, however, when his father died in a mine-shaft incident that claimed the lives of 5 other men. His family was crushed. Without their father's income to help support the family, his older brother and sister worked part time while attending school to help pay for things. Even still, as a single mother, his mom struggled to make ends meet. Years passed and Jim proved to be an excellent wrestler in the schooling ages, also playing in other sports as well.

Once he got out of school, Jim immediately enlisted in the marines. He never saw live combat, though he went through 4 years of duty, primarily as a machinist. Jim found that he liked working with his hands, and even still wanted to pursue his hobby in martial arts, but didn't really know how. Following this realization, he came home and lived with his mother and sister for a few months and enrolled in a local boxing school. Unfortunately, without the rigidity of military life and his newfound skills, he fell into a life of drugs and petty crime. It wasn't long before his family found out. His mother swore to disown him, and his brother rejected him completely. His sister, the kind soul she was, simply asked him to return with her family to the church. Little did she know just how much of an impact her simple request would be. Recalling the turbulance of his youth, he seemed stunned how much his arrogance could accumulate and that he even could forsake what had so positively and personally impacted his life.

Jim was changed, and so began a chapter of his life in which he devoted himself to the study and worship of God. After a year or so, he departed on a mission. His first mission was in France, He focused on helping the people, learning the language, and generally submitting himself as a servant for the people. It was here that he learned of a martial art called Savate. He was intrigued by it. He began learning from the fighters there, finding that even though he wasn't particularly talented in that form, that these men were happy to train with him and that he could combine his two loves of ministry and fighting as he stayed with them. The merit of this concept grew as Jim traveled further, learning more from the various teachers and masters around the world, but also teaching those in need. He learned much during this time, not just about fighting or ministry, but about the various people of the world. Positioning himself as both a servant and a student, he noted that as his own personal fighting style shifted and evolved to become more flexible and comprehensive, so did his view of the people of the world and their needs.

As he traveled, Jim found he loved his ministry. It was very fulfilling, but also very expensive. Fortunately, God provided, and it wasn't difficult to take on a few odd jobs for a man of his 270 lb frame (including a handful of competitions in which to fight in). And so this, along with his supplemental income from the Church allowed him to enjoy traveling to missions around the globe, preaching the gospel and learning new fighting styles. This, of course, lead to his first vampire encounter, which he met in Azerbaijan in 1995. The poor creature was desperate, and so tried attacking him from behind. Despite the fact that he never mastered any one style, He still easily beat it to a pulp. He didn't consider it an accident however, that regardless of rather sad odds for the vampire's winning that fight, that it was as much his faith as his fists that was his salvation against it. Either way, it wasn't hard to make do. He spent the next part of his travels with more such encounters as he traveled the globe, increasing in frequency year after year. It was for this reason that it wasn't until recently that he came back to the US. His sister and her husband had been attacked, by an unknown assailant. She was wounded and left hospitalized - her husband didn't survive. With his mother getting on in age, and no longer in the health to care for them both, he decided to come and cook for and help them for a few months. Jim did his best, but he isn't a very good cook, and his bedside medical manner is generally regarded as atrociously darwinian. There was another matter though. Suspicions began arising of the attackers being vampires, and Jim knew that something needed to be done. Fortunately, it wasn't too long before his sister was well enough to maintain the home with their mother again. He had an old friend who knew a man named Cael who was said to know a thing or two about vampires. They got into contact.
Relationships with other members: None of yet, except distant connection with Cael.
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1. Name: Rhys Garrick
Position: Leader of the Order of the Anima
Age: 38
Gender: Male
Hair: Dark blond, starting to get a bit Hugh Grant-ish floppy
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5’11”
Build: average build
Distinguishing Marks: Nothing to speak of.

Power(s): *
- Holy Aura
- Detect Unholy
- Purification
- Light Cross
- Holy Light
Skills: basic to medium level of computer literacy; trained and qualified psychologist; same basic combat training that all Anima members go through,
Weapons & Equipment:

Time with the Anima? (if applicable): 8-9 years
Personality: Wry sense of humour, and dedicated to his job, Garrick’s main aim is not just to plan for taking down Princes, but also to ensure their organisation’s survival. He’s fairly understanding and has a lot of affection for his immediate house-team, but has no qualms whatsoever with tough love when he believes it’s needed. He remains calm under pressure.
Background Notes: Not a great deal is currently known to our team of Hunters about Garrick’s background, bar the fact that before he was an Archivist and researcher for the Anima, he used to be psychologist. He also used to be married, and divorced some time before joining up, but it’s unlikely this has been divulged as of yet even though it was not acrimonious. It’s not that he is particularly close-mouthed, but he’s never considered his own past to be particularly interesting.
He became involved with the Anima because of his work. He came across a few former pets/lap dogs who had been discarded and other vampiric-associated-trauma victims – he had seen first-hand the devastating effects that vampires could have on humans on a very basic level. On hearing rumours and hearsay about a group trying to rebel against the vampires’ autonomy, he became curious and attempted to research further. When he wasn’t researching and trying to build up the databases for the Anima, he also helped with some of the victims that the Anima would encounter.
The Robesonia Attack meant that he was one of the few long-serving members left alive in its wake, and he was quick to organise everyone into safe points and pool their resources to try and re-build what they had left.

*Garrick has all 5 powers, as he will most likely be assisting in training up people when they qualify for a new power. And because he’s the Boss.
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2. Name: Ben Murphy
Position: Driver and Mechanic
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Hair: naturally light blond, but with some evidence of sun-bleaching
Eyes: Brown
Height: 6’
Build: Swimmer’s/surfer’s build
Distinguishing marks: a couple of faux-tribal style tattoos encircling his right ankle

Power(s): Purification
Skills: trained car mechanic, but specialises in older car models; competent surfer
Equipment: ~

Time with the Anima: 3 years
Personality: Ben is incredibly laid back and relaxed, which is rather odd given the line of work he has chosen, but it’s probably for the best. He tends to go with the flow, and is always game for a laugh or practical joke. When it comes to dealing with people or innuendo, he isn’t always the brightest fellow and can be surprisingly innocent, but he tends to take most things in his stride. He does tend to enjoy his moments of being centre of attention intensely.

Background: Ben has been associated with the Anima for a while and did odd jobs for them when he could, but did not join them fully until sometime prior to the Robesonia Fall, where he came under the tutelage of Barry(to be introduced later) and assisted with supplies and sorting out the Anima’s transports. He’s probably one of the few Anima members who has had a fairly normal family and stable upbringing, though since getting involved with the Order he has mostly lost touch with his relatives. It makes him melancholy on occasion, but he doesn’t want to bring down the party and so rarely talks about it.
Initially, he was saved one night by a patrol, from being exsanguinated on his way home from a night out, though he did sustain some injuries – the Anima took him in, and helped him to get back on his feet, so out of gratitude, he helped them out where he could on smaller jobs. He was aware that he wasn’t quite cut out for being a frontline soldier yet; he hopes that they’ll yet find room for him to start training in another city. After the Robesonia Fall, too much moving around was considered dangerous, so his proper combat training got shelved while he was needed actively in other areas.
The players will see him fairly often when they do supply runs, or need a lift to a mission site – he rather enjoys the fact that he gets to see multiple teams and help them out regularly. It also means that he is an excellent source of information for Ellie, and an endless source of lines for those who enjoy making wisecracks amongst the Anima.

3. Name: Ellie DeWinters
Position: Technological Expert and Computer Whizz
Age: 26
Gender: Female
Hair: Shoulder-length; naturally blond, but with random streaks of blue and pink
Eyes: Dark blue
Height: 5’8”
Build: skinny
Distinguishing Marks: none to speak of

Power(s): Light Cross
Skills: competent computer expert – can build up computers and set up networks and hack; also very skilled at ferreting information and gossip from her comrades
Equipment: ~

Time with the Anima: 3 years
Personality: If you’re doing it wrong, then Ellie has no compunctions with telling you how, why and how you ought to be doing it. She’s fairly forthright, and occasionally more than blunt. One of her favourite hobbies is gossip – something that many Anima members surprisingly make a lot of time for. When she isn’t building and adding to the Anima’s ever-growing computer networks, she and Anton secretly run pools on whatever the latest rumours are circulating through the Anima underground. Her intense nosiness and convictions aside, she does genuinely care about her teammates and want to help out, and is a bit of a romantic at heart – the Anima’s somewhat unsuccessful answer to “Emma” if you would.

Background: Ellie came to enlist in the Anima after she fell afoul of a group of vampires in her hometown; she had originally been in charge of their computer system’s security and maintenance. However, when she found out that she was in fact helping to protect a “cattle farm” moving humans through the Mid-West, she felt her conscience nag at her, and she attempted to corrupt their security system from her home computer, and release the cattle, and then make a run for it herself. While she did manage to release quite a few cattle, few of them were actually able to escape, and the vampires quickly realised there were very few people who could have attempted such a stunt…
Like many of the most recent members, she heard rumours about others who had been fighting against the vamps, except they’d actually been a lot more successful at it than she had. After a bit of poking around, she got in contact with an Anima outpost, and has been helping to rebuild the Anima’s computer network and technological infrastructures ever since.
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Name: Dawson Charles Whelan
Age: 36
Gender: Male
Height: 5'8"
Build: Slightly Plump
Distinguishing Marks: Requires (and wears constantly) glasses to read or perform surgery, but can do "normal" activities without.

Power(s): Purification
Skills: Medical Training, Experience as an EMT, Black Belt in Jujitsu
Weapons: (Cool Syringes filled with Holy Water
Equipment: Standard equipment for an EMT on the go: A tote bag containing the following.
(4) Sterile scalpels
(12) Syringes with various injectable solutions useful in emergencies
Note: In general: stimulants, sedatives, saline solution, estrogen (help prevent bleeding out from wounds), morphine...
(1) Standard First Aid Kit
(1) Advanced First Aid Kit (Includes extra wrappings and sterile suture tools)
(1) Halogen Flashlight/Torch
(1) Mini Maglite Flashlight/Torch

Time with the Anima? (if applicable): New Recruit

Personality: Under duress, Dawson is incredibly focused. He has never crumbled under pressure, and has never frozen in a tense situation. A quick thinker, he tends to use his mental capacities well when the chips as down, as it were. When things are less stressful, he can come across as slightly aloof. He spends most of his personal time in deep thought, and has trouble expressing his personal ideas in meaningful ways. He can come across as distant, or even a bit of a "whiner" when he tries to express himself openly. Dawson has trust issues, as well.

Background: Dawson almost always has gone against the grain of society. Fresh out of High School, he invested his time heavily in a full time job instead of his education. After one year of abysmal performance in college, he dropped out in pursuit of a quicker way to strike it rich. It took four years of sixty hour weeks for him to realize that his life was going nowhere, and at the urging of his father a very frustrated Dawson returned to education.

Having always had an altruistic side, Dawson chose the medical path. It took him almost another decade to graduate, but he did so at the top of his class. For a while he flirted with the idea of being one of the doctors who made six figures a year and drove a Ferrari. Eventually Dawson settled on a job as an EMT, however.

With more training than most EMTs, and a constant drive to help others, Dawson quickly received praise for his work. He spent two years as an EMT before the first sign of trouble in his new life surfaced, and during this entire time he had never been happier. All of his superiors enjoyed working with him, and despite being a bit of a "whiner" at times, he was open to discussion and always willing to help even a passing acquaintance.

As Dawson settled into his third year as an EMT, he was partnered with a woman named Miranda, who had been in the EMT trade for only a few years longer than he had. Her last partner had left the job after losing their nerve, while Dawson had just recently lost a partner due to fitness reviews. At first the two of them got along well, making an excellent physical team and earning praise for their "above and beyond the call of duty" work ethic. Working together, the two quickly became friends, even one another's closest confidant.

There was one thing odd about his new partner, however. Dawson would occasionally see her changing out of her uniform after a shift, and catch glimpses into her duffel that she constantly carried with her. Now, vampires were not exactly a "hidden" element of the world. In fact, it was pretty safe to say that they were as common and well entrenched as any group of humans had ever been in government. So, when he saw wooden stakes in her duffel, he was more than a little concerned. Of course, he neglected to mention this to his superiors. If he couldn't trust someone with whom he practically lived, he definitely couldn't trust those giving him orders.

Work continued at it's normal pace. The holiday seasons, the spring binges, the fall depressions. Nothing phased him after five years on the job. He had grown desensitized to his work environment, since everything seemed to revolve around the same basic premise: loss. Dawson and his partner continued their frantic pace, at times endangering their own lives. Their conversations grew more and more sparse as time went on, and of course the topic of the wooden stakes never came up.

Then one evening, everything changed. Miranda, his partner of three years, never showed up for work. Her replacement was something of a bore, though still a solid workhorse for the hospital. Despite being exhausted after his twelve hour shift, Dawson made the trip across town on foot and by bus to the small flat where Miranda lived. He climbed eight floors of stairs, and walked to the end of the hallway as he had only a handful of times before for dinner or a movie.

As he rounded the corner to the end of the hallway, his heart leaped to his throat and stopped beating all at once. Miranda's door was shattered, wooden splinters scattered in a time-still explosion into her room. The coffee table where they had shared a bottle of wine and a movie once, was overturned and split in two. Her couch was ripped to shreds, her chairs overturned and emptied of cushions. Even her lights were broken, leaving the only illumination into the flat from the hallway.

Why has nobody called the police..? he thought to himself.

Being a trained EMT, he was quick to dismiss his own safety. He retrieved a pen light from his heavy coat's pocket, and clicked it on as he began to search the apartment. At worst, he would find Miranda and be unable to do anything to help her. At best, he may find her simply hiding from some unknown force. Of course, he never held out a great deal of hope for the best case scenario...

Carefully stepping through the field of splintered wood, he made his way to the only intact door in the flat. Having found no other evidence of injury anywhere in the flat, he barely hesitated as he swung the door quickly open, his heart still in his throat. Miranda nearly killed him right then, as she tackled him before he could react. Only a turn of her wrist at the last moment kept the wooden stake from driving into his heart.


The two left her flat after quickly gathering some of her belongings. She explained that she had been attacked, and that her attackers had been vampires. In self defense, she had done to them what she had almost done to him. As they traveled back across the city to his own apartment, they avoided government officers and officials. No police, no emergency services, nothing that could identify her. She was adamant, and she was also scared beyond her wits. Even as they walked, she carried a wooden stake up her sleeve.

Finally reaching his own home, he set her up in his bed and took the couch himself. Over the next few months, he would help to keep her hidden. At work, she was simply listed as "missing". The police never followed up on the missing person's report, either. For all intents and purposes, she had simply ceased to exist. Now subject to her prejudice against the vampires, and having had such a close call with their lives, he began to suspect that their intentions were not as pure as he had once believed.

Six months after she had "moved in" with him, there was another break-in. This time they were both at home. Everything happened quickly, at a blistering pace that left Dawson nearly on his ears. The door exploded inward, much like it had in Miranda's flat. Next, a full grown man leaped through the door as if he were some sort of hound. He crawled along the floor and wall as if none of it made a difference to him, and leaped for Miranda immediately as if drawn to her.

Miranda, however, was ready. She nearly always kept some sort of weapon on her since the attack, and that day it was a vial of clear looking liquid. As she threw it onto the attacker's face, the vial shattered and sent a spray all across the man's face. His scream was more of a howl, a mixture of agony and rage. Yet again, Dawson found himself running with Miranda in tow. This time, though, they were being hunted by a creature that was not entirely upset it could only smell them.

The chase took them through sewers and alleys and hallways, down a subway tunnel and even across town on a stolen motorcycle. Every time they would pause to catch their breath, the creature would be nipping at their heels yet again. After hours and hours of running, completely exhausted, Miranda and Dawson collapsed into a small courtyard between apartment complexes.

"I...I can't run from this thing anymore," she barely managed through breathless panting.
"Yeah," was all he could muster. His strength was nearly gone, his mind running on fumes. Adrenaline had been the only thing keeping him at this pace for so long, and even it was beginning to fade.

A man stepped from the shadows, but raised a hand to calm them before Miranda could draw out her wooden dagger. Footsteps began to chase them again, briskly at first, down the long alley that led to the courtyard. As the footsteps drew into a run, the man who had joined them brought a small crossbow from beside him and raised it into the mouth of the alleyway.

Combat was never something Dawson had been familiar with. While his friends were playing war as a child, Dawson would read. The one sport he had ever been interested in was swimming, not a very violent sport to begin with. So, when the flurry of action was almost too much for him to follow, it was not an entirely unfamiliar experience for him.. At first, time had slowed to a near standstill. He could watch the crossbow bolt fly from it's nest, ricochet off of the vampire's raised arm, and embed itself into the vampire's neck. Driven by whatever it was that fueled the things, it barely slowed down.

The next motions happened so quickly that Dawson could not follow them. Before he could more than blink, the man who had just tried to save them was laying on the ground and twitching. Miranda was the next to rise, drawing back her arm and lunging at the creature that had chased them while it was distracted. Her aim was true, but her strength wasn't enough to drive it through the thing's heart. As it swung it's arm out to throw her away, her head hit the stone ground with a sickening crack.

Dawson's turn was next. The vampire stared at him for a moment, as if evaluating something about him. Almost by instinct, Dawson's hands gripped the ground and sought out a nearby pool of filthy street water. With a primal yell, he cupped his hands and swung his arms forward. Sprinkles of water peppered the creature, who seemed no more impressed than it was injured. It lunged for him, it's teeth bared. Canines shone brightly, as if beacons of light, and something inside of Dawson snapped to attention.

His already outstretched hands turned into fists, and he leaned into the blow. As fingernails raked across his cheeks and shoulders, his knuckles connected with the head of the wooden stake. Before the vampire's teeth could sink into his flesh, the stake was driven through it's heart.
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