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PostPosted: Fri Jun 27, 2008 11:10 pm    Post subject: TREASURE HUNTERS: Bios Reply with quote

Please copy the format below. Naga and centaurs are allowed; ask questions in the Info thread. PM me your bio and post it only after it's been approved. Thanks! Smile

Name: Tristan Hudson
Age: 28
Species: Human
Appearance: Athletic, highly tanned, with black hair. He has natural red highlights from the sun. His ears are both pierced.
Talent: (only applicable if human) Sensory projection. He is able to project all five of his senses onto others so that they may experience what he is experiencing; likewise, he is able to 'borrow' the senses of others, experiencing what they do. This includes senses like echolocation.
Skills: Proficient with whip. Trained by his family to keep flying fish and other minor annoyances off of the airships, has now become deadly proficient at it. He carries a chain whip with a sharp tip. He is able to command and navigate an airship, and is able to teach others how to work an airship.

Background: Tristan was born and raised in the northwestern port city of Balai. His family owns a successful trading company and is currently in command of many airships. Fortunately, Tristan was not the oldest son; as such, the responsibilities of running the company and being tied in Balai was given to his brother Edward. He eventually married and adopted a child; however, his wife left him after several years for a man with a more physical talent, and soon after his airship was attacked by pirates and his son died in the attack. For two years after, he remained in a funk, hanging around bars and taking a liking to the resident wenches. When his father died, he realized he needed to shape up, so he took his new airship, the Rachel, and set off to the Eastern kingdom's port city, Lisaia. He is looking for a crew to help him search the wilderness of Serge for a certain Zombie Master who may be able to revive his wife and child. The first step in finding this man is investigating rumors on the western coast of the Eastern region of an artifact that points its way to whatever the bearer asks of it. His crew will know of his mission only as a treasure hunting expidition.

Prior relationships: Will recognize Lycoris from prior trading events.

Motivations for signing up for crew: To find a way to locate the Zombie Master.
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PostPosted: Sat Jun 28, 2008 12:29 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Name: Lycoris Marcus Campbell
Age: 26
Species: Human
Appearance: petite, but with a little bit of lean muscle. She has long hair which is normally very pale white-blond, but it is always dyed blue with streaks of purple braided through, and she also has blue eyes. She has two piercings in the lobe of each ear, and a silver cuff on her left one. On the inside of her left forearm and on her shoulder, there is a tattoo of a merman brandishing a cutlass done in iridescent green – family sigil.

Talent: Macro-telekinesis. She can left very heavy objects and create large shields, but she cannot lift anything smaller than a crate/average human adult nor pick locks.
Skills: Has received basic fencing training – she can wield a lightweight cutlass, but her advantages lie in speed and not strength. Is an accomplished penguin sledder. She is also fairly adept in the art of manipulation and black mail, and is not afraid to use it and whatever means she deems necessary to get what she wants. Enjoys throat-singing on occasion

Background: Lycoris is a daughter of a pirate clan, the Campbells, who are based in the Southern Lands in a town called Perdition’s Point, and own a small flotilla. She spent most of her childhood in the snowy backdrops, learning to fence and penguin-sled, being educated and trained alongside her two brothers and older sister to join the family business once she was old enough and capable to. At age seventeen, she started to serve on her brother, Apollonius’ ship as both consul and defensive.

However, pirate clan society tends to be cold and clinical, and as time went on, it started to become clear that their father, the current leader of the clan, had no intention of declaring an heir. Instead he appeared to be encouraging the siblings to fight amongst themselves, and the eventual victor would take the prize so to speak. With no clear victor in sight, and none of their lives were able to progress as they would have normally, Lycoris decided the best way to avoid several sticky situations, including the in-fighting, would to be to request to go on “A Walk”. "A Walk" is where children of the main family branch trained and worked away from the family business, in order to build experience and possible business links – something which was not unheard of, though they tended to under go such experiences in their early teens. However, she requested and received permission from her father to go on this “Walk”, but not from her brother and captain, something which he was very put out by.

Lycoris is looking to avoid her siblings as much as possible, so as not to get involved in any hare-brained plots which could possibly destroy the clan. She does love her siblings, but is not in the least bit sentimental or upset by her departure from clan life – she would just really prefer to keep her head more than anything.

This was five years ago – now she drifts between contracts, working as a defensive fighter with her shielding abilities. Her motivation for seeking to join the crew will be because her current contract has ended, and she is hoping for a well-paying gig.

Prior relationships: She will recognise Tristan from prior trading events
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PostPosted: Mon Jun 30, 2008 3:02 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Name: Lyla K. Daavison
Age: 24
Species: Human

Appearance: tall and wiry, with dark chocolate-coloured hair and green eyes. Wears silver rings in her ears and usually wears her shoulder-length hair loose or in a horse-tail. Dark, tanned skin and athletic frame.

Talent: Can project images onto walls or solid surfaces.

Skills: As a child, Lyla practiced with the only ‘weapon’ that was easily accessible in her village. The village’s children would collect scrap metal and other such things from the local shops, sharpen the edges with a rock or knife, then practise throwing them. Through diligent practise, Lyla became an expert at her chosen sport, and calls the razor-sharp, perfectly balanced throwing stars her, “calling cards.” Does not rely on her talent at all, and chooses to become highly skilled at more dependable arts. Fights with her bare fists just fine.

Background: Richard and Cara Daavison delighted in being the perfect, hard-working family. Cara had long blonde hair and blue eyes with a sweet nature, and Richard was handsome and dark-haired. The couple owned a small convenience store in their little community in the eastern region, not far from Lisaia itself. Over four years, Cara gave birth to two boys, both similar to her in looks. Her eldest marched off to become a soldier, and her younger was content to hold shop and read books.

When Lyla was born, her parents were delighted. With two handsome, successful boys and a daughter, their lives felt complete. Cara envisioned a charming, beautiful daughter to dress in elegant gowns and frocks, and Richard dreamt of a useful, suitably intelligent daughter to help her brother run the shop and keep books.

Alas, it was not to be. Yes, Lyla could be charming, she was certainly intelligent, and could even be called beautiful by some, with her smooth dark hair and eyes so green and endearing, but her parents had not counted on a certain wild streak in their perfect daughter, nor a distinct, city-bred deviousness.

Until she was 11, Lyla ran wild in the streets with a gang of other giggling, shrieking children. She was content to practise stick-fighting, throwing stars, and pick-pocketing. The despair of her parents. The only thing that set her apart from the other children was the education her parents insisted on her having.

Finally, at 17, Lyla had borne enough of her anxious, over-bearing parents. Slinging a battered carry-sack filled with food and her ‘calling cards,’ Lyla left home. She spent 6 years with a travelling theatre group, honing her already-dramatic skills and adding another layer to the mask that covered the real Lyla. To the outside world, Lyla appears to be slightly immature and impulsive, but with a love of life and adventure. She has unplumbed depths of courage and resourcefulness that have yet to be tested. She hasn’t run into much opposition in her young life, but is a hard worker and desires to see the world.

Prior relationships: None

Motivations for signing up for crew: Adventure
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PostPosted: Fri Jul 11, 2008 11:35 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Name: Alia Carbury
Age: 23
Species: Human
Appearance: Tall and big-boned, though with little apparent muscle. Hair is cut forward at a slant and dyed an extremely dark green that looks black. She has brown eyes and is pale. She has a large slash-shaped scar across both forearms, and numerous smaller ones on her calves. She wears a thin silver ring in the shape of a curling wave on her right ring finger.
Talent: Can extinguish any light within a 25 foot radius.
Skills: Has moderate skill with a rapier and hand to hand combat, as well as business management and numerous bits of useful (or useless) knowledge.

Background: Her parents were part of a merchant clan that was based in Lisaia, and often had a strained relationship due to stress and the constant travel required of them. Alia was born on a caravan heading north, and spent the first several years of her life traveling the continent with her family. When she was three, a younger brother, Camon, was born. After her brother's birth, her parent's marriage grew even more difficult, until at last, when she was five, Alia's mother took her children back to Lisaia with the excuse that Alia and her brother weren't getting a proper education. As divorce was forbidden in their clan, Alia's parents remained separated for the rest of their lives. In the meantime, Alia and Camon were enrolled in an academy to receive basic education. Camon was sent on to receive a further education in order to become a merchant, while Alia was sent to finishing school. Both rebelled against the future chosen for them, and ran away from school. Not having the spunk or the knowledge to make an income, Alia went home; Camon never returned. Exasperated, her mother relented to her staying home, but continued to teach her etiquette and proper behavior for a young lady. When she was 18, her mother began to bring suitors around, and a match was arranged against Alia's will. The man in question was a lower class magician with a lot of money, but a bad reputation. Alia ran away again, and determined to stick it out this time, hired herself out as a work hand inside the city. Eventually her jobs took her into other major cities across the continent as well as into the wilderness. With each new job, she made sure to send a letter to her brother, Camon, with whom she'd been in correspondence since his disappearance. He had never revealed where he was, but simply informed her to send a letter to a particular address and assured that he would receive it. Throughout the next three years, Alia worked at many odd jobs were she learned a variety of useful and peculiar skills, self defense and book-keeping among them. When she returned from her last job, she found that both of her parents had died, leaving the estate to her and her brother. Alia now needed to find the new head of the family, her brother, Camon, and decided to have what would probably be her last fling before she was tied down for the rest of her life.

Prior relationships: None

Motivations for signing up for crew: Looking for her brother and for fun
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PostPosted: Sat Jul 12, 2008 7:05 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Name: Nawahqde su-Camesh ("su-" meaning "of the Clan")
Age: 26
Species: Centaur
Appearance: Nawahqde is big, even for Centaur standards. The equine lower body is the equivalint of a Frisian Horse. His humaniod upper body is similarly muscular. His hair and fur are jet black, his skin slightly tanned. An assortment of tattoos covers great parts of his humanoid anatomy.
Talent: none (non-Human)
Over the years, Nawahqde has gained great experience as a ship's carpenter. His great size and strength also make him quite useful in a variety of situations, from loading goods to melee combat. His preferred weapons are axes, and next to his traditional woodworking tools, he's also acquired a huge, two handed battle axe and a number of throwing axes.

Background: Years ago Nawahqde was a simple lumberjack in the southern forest region. At age 19 he met and fell in love with the daughter of a local clan chief. The girl returned his affection, but her family strongly dissapproved of her liaison with a lowly woodcutter. At one point, this led Nawahqde into a fight with the girl's brother, in which he ended up acidentally killing his opponent. Knowing that the man's family would accuse him of murder, Nawahqde fled from his homeland.
In an attempt to get as far away from his past as possible, Nawahqde started working as a sailor. His centauroid body shape obviously prevented him from climbing around in the rigging, but his prior experience with wood soon got him positions assisting the ship's carpenter. Over the years, he grew to be quite capable in this craft, so that now - for the first time - he's seeking employment as chief carpenter.

Prior relationships: None known so far.

Motivations for signing up for crew: It's really just another job for him.

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PostPosted: Sun Jul 13, 2008 8:46 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Name: Peter
Age: 35
Species: Human
Appearance: Average height, possessed of a wiry strength though he tends to wear baggy clothing to hide knives up his sleeves.
Talent: Replacement of up to the last three minutes worth of memories of a creature within sight.
Skills: Knife fighting, medic, lock picking.

Background: Uninterested in any sort of learning or craft bar getting into trouble Peter joined the local guard at the earliest possible opportunity, figuring that if he was too lazy to make a living and was going to crack heads for it instead he may as well do it on the less troublesome side of things. Not above twisting facts around to achieve an arrest or conviction where he already knew of a person’s guilt Peter joined an undercover unit. An order came from a distance now, in letters and from contacts on the street, and it was there they might very well have remained forever had he not been followed home one night and set upon. Resembling a single giant bruise he picked up a knife that had fallen to the ground in his kitchen slid it into his waist band and set out after the group. He found in himself that night a certain twisted deviousness, a will he hadn’t known he possessed. Over the next few months his investigation targets and some of the people connected to them started to turn up dead, his orders changed the people became more important, falling within the realms even of the guard, business men and politicians in other towns or cities. As the job became an art, using knives, uncovering or creating evidence, he ceased to question the suspects’ guilt or otherwise. He learned medicine as a cover for his travelling, allowing him to bumble in and out of towns with nary a trace. Months became years, the doctor became an archaeologist and a trader, among other guises; he ceased to wonder where the orders came from anymore or who the contacts were. Eventually he stopped taking orders from the contacts at all; failing to turn up in the next town on the list he’d been given. Instead he took to picking and choosing from people who’d pay good money for a silent bit of work wherever and whenever he ended up somewhere on his travels.
Lately Peter has signed on with an airship crew for its convenience of travel and the cover it allows him assuming his latest guise as treasure hunter.

Prior relationships: N/A

Motivations for signing up for crew: Convenience of travel and the hiding-ness that allows, and if they strike it rich he doesn't object to taking some of the prize money either.
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PostPosted: Sun Jul 13, 2008 3:06 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Name: Gregory Thomas Casey aka "Max Maguire"
Age: 25
Species: Human
Equipment: A bright white vest, cut-off at the sleeves with buttons along it's front to close it up. A pair of baggy, loose pants (hunter green). A belt made of intricately woven leather strands. A musical case (hardened to fire, shock, or water) containing a rare hand-crafted musical instrument and a shelaighleigh. The shelaighleigh can separate just below the neck with the right twist, revealing a thin blade like a fencing saber (only with a point).

Appearance: Just under six feet, and obviously not eating enough to keep himself at a healthy weight, Max Maguire is also typical for his profession (guitarist in a punk rock band). Max has bright red hair, and a long red goatee that hangs several inches from his chin. Coupled with bright blue eyes and a pale complexion, he's true to his namesake... and true to his musical style, his body is covered in scars (some self inflicted) and tattoos.

Talent: At first mistaken for musical talent, Max's "power" is to be able to make any musical instrument play perfectly, and sound really good doing it. In a matter of a few minutes he can figure out almost any stringed instrument and start playing it decently, within a day playing it well enough to be on par with most normal musicians. Wind or brass instruments take more time, but in an order of a day or two he can play them with nominal skill.

Skills: Most of Max's skills revolve around entertaining others. Singing, cooking, dancing, and of course musicianship.

Background: Max was born the middle child of seven children to a poor family in Lisaia. Growing up, his family was very close, and so he had always been used to having a protectorship of older brothers, and in turn he was used to protecting his younger sisters. When he was twelve, he picked up a guitar at a friend's house an in a few minutes was managing to play it rather effectively.

This of course catapulted him into a musical career, and he found in his schooling the chance to play almost any instrument he wanted to. As soon as he could, he left school and formed a rather normal musical trio, focusing on melody and rhythm. This band, with it's front-man endlessly chasing women, failed, and so Max took on the name "Max Maguire" and made a one-man rock band, that spent a lot of time in the "punk" genre as well. Several years of wild parties left him looking the part, though he still communicates via letter with his family back home.

Unfortunately for Max, the world he entered as a hardcore rocker refuses to let him leave... people recognize him and refuse to acknowledge that he is, in fact, a stage persona.

Prior relationships: Beyond his family, only random women he's been with. Mostly he has trouble being himself, which damages relationships.

Motivations for signing up for crew: Leaving his custom built life of hard rocking and all that goes with it, trying to find a way to leave that world and be a bit calmer.
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PostPosted: Sun Dec 21, 2008 9:36 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

-Approved By GM-

Name: Aislin

Age: 19

Species: Human

Appearance: Slender, willowy, and on the short side, with delicate features and extremely short red-orange hair. She has large blue eyes and an abundance of freckles all over her tanned skin. Both ears have three piercings in each lobe, with a fourth in the cartilage of the right one. On right side of her lower back is a vaguely star-shaped birthmark, which remains with her in ferret form as a patch of darker colored fur in the same shape. As a ferret she retains her blue eyes, and her coloration is a sable variant, with a cream undercoat and dark red guard-hairs.

Talent: Shapeshifting. She can change into a ferret at will, however the longer she stays in animal form, the more she loses touch with her humanity and the harder it is to turn back.

Skills: tracking, stealth, animal handling, tumbling, reading people, pickpocketing, lock-picking. She is also skilled with the dual knives she keeps holstered at her hips.


-Found in the forest by Einrich, a gentle, kind-hearted and mute woodworker. She was dirty, clothes ripped, and had a number of cuts and bruises, but despite having obviously been out there for days she was found quite happily playing hide and seek with a family of foxes. She had no recollection of where her family was or how she got there, though she did tell him her name was Aislin and she was almost 3 years old.
-Has always had a very strong affinity for the woods and its inhabitants, and would frequently go wandering off for hours on end only to come home dirtied and grinning happily, with at least one new critter friend in tow. To this day she still spends most of her time outside of town, and while she doesn't bring home any new friends unless they're sick or injured, they still have a tendency of following her anyways. The townsfolk still recall the time she came home with a fully grown stag limping behind her, so she could properly bandage up the leg that had been caught in a steel trap.
-From a very early age she has shown a fascination for pretty things, coupled with a compulsive need to take them and keep them safe. She used to keep her treasures all over the house, but when Einrich once scolded her for using his tool cabinet to hang scarves, branches and bits of string, she started hiding her 'pretties' elsewhere; a forgotten attic here, a root cellar there, a cave or two in the woods, under Widow Helmsley's tulip beds next door...
-Although extremely gregarious and outgoing, making friends very quickly and with nearly everyone she meets, the only person she has ever developed a close bond with is Einrich. Due to the animalistic side of her Talent, she has always connected much more easily to animals, rather than people.

Her life has been relatively uneventful for the most part, save the sort of crazy pranks and wacky hijinks to be expected from an inquisitive, mischievously playful girl with all the self-control and attention span of a hyperactive ferret. That is, until two weeks ago when Einrich disappeared. Aislin is convinced he has been taken to Rose Castle, and is determined to do whatever it takes to get him back.

Prior relationships: Einrich her guardian.

Motivations for signing up for crew: To save Einrich
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