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Mecha Knights Background & Character Bios

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PostPosted: Wed Jun 25, 2008 4:42 pm    Post subject: Mecha Knights Background & Character Bios Reply with quote

The World
The world of Mecha Knights is firmly entrenched in the medieval system of Feudalism. Technically, the entire planet is a single huge Empire, but in reality there hasn't been an Emperor sitting on the throne for more than a century. In the absence of any central leadership, the various Kingdoms, Duchies and Principalities have assumed sovereignty as independent nations, competing with each other commercially, culturally and sometimes even in open warfare.
Each Realm is divided into several smaller fiefdoms, each under the command of a Count or Earl. These vassals are bound by oath to their respective liege, to provide service in both peace and war.

The technology used by the realms of Mecha Knights is advanced considerably beyond what we have today. The Counts and Princes reside in castles of steel and duracrete and enjoy such amenities as advanced computers, holographic communication and hoverlift vehicles. The peasants have to make do with only a fraction of these technological wonders, but even for them machine power has largely replaced animal power and greatly reduced the need of manpower.
Easily the most iconic piece of technology is, of course, the Mecha. These impressive war machines are the new symbol of chivalry. Standing over fifteen feet tall and armed with an array of devastating weapons, the Mecha easily surpass any other type of vehicle in terms of maneuverability and versatility.

Military Organization
The bulk of any Realm's military are large regiments conscripted from the peasants in times of need. Conscripts are clad in fatigues displaying the livery of their liege, protected by ceramic body armor and armed with Laser Rifles.
These conscripts are supported by a cadre of professional soldiers who form a duchy's standing army. In peacetime these soldiers act as palace guards and perform law enforcement duties. In times of war, they serve as regimental commanders as well as vehicle and artillery crews.
The position of a Knight is available only to those of noble blood. Knights stride into battle in their Mecha. In smaller conflicts a single Knight might act as the supreme commander over all forces present. In larger engagements Knights are usually grouped into units, often lead by the Prince, Duke or King himself. With their superior size and firepower, units of Knights can dominate entire sections of a battlefield and the outcome of entire battles with thousands of combatants on either side can be decided by the deeds of a dozen Knights.

The Story So Far
The Kingdom of Myrandria and the neighboring Duchy of Patroponne have been bitter rivals for many centuries. Since the beginning of the interregnum the two realms have stood at the brink of open war several times. Even though Patroponne is much smaller than Myrandria, it possesses valuable resources and good trade connections. In the case of open war, Patroponne's wealth would allow the duke to hire a great number of mercenaries to match – or even outnumber – the armies of Myrandria.
Several years ago, in an attempt to end the enmity between the two realms, the King and the Duke signed a treaty which included, among other points, the arranged marriage between the Patroponnean Prince Garren and Myrandria's Princess Ayneira as soon as both would be old enough (the Princess was only 10 years old when her father signed the treaty).
Since then, Princess Ayneira has grown into a smart and headstrong young woman. She has proven herself as a capable Mecha pilot and a resourceful tactician. She has also repeatedly expressed her resentment against having to marry Prince Garren.
A year ago, two months before the planned wedding of Ayneira and Garren, Ayneira's parents were tragically killed in a hoverlift crash, leaving Ayneira in charge of the Kingdom. Prince Garren immediately sent his condolences and courteously granted her the customary year of mourning before proceeding with the planned marriage.
That year is now over and Prince Garren has announced his imminent arrival in Myrandria to claim his promised wife. Ayneira's opinion on this matter does not seem to have changed in the past year, but there is a lot more at stake than her personal pride. A refusal would be a huge insult towards Patroponne, and may well be taken as a cause of war!
The young Queen seems to be aware of this as well, as she has summoned her most trusted Kmights to be present at her palace at the time of Prince Garren's visit…

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PostPosted: Wed Jun 25, 2008 4:44 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Mecha are typically custom built for each individual Knight. However, certain design aspects are pretty much standardized among all modern Mecha. All Mecha have a roughly humanoid shape and range between 15 and 20 feet in height. The Knight pilots the machine from his cockpit in the Mecha's torso. Each of the Mecha's arms carries a heavy weapon – often a large type of Laser fed directly by the Mecha's reactor – which would be far too large to move by infantry and too unwieldy if mounted on a hoverlift vehicle. Additionally, there are a number of optional systems that can be installed to improve the Mecha's battlefield performance. However, due to restrictions of space and weight, not every Mecha can have every system; and the exact configuration greatly depends on each individual Knight's personal preference.
All Mecha come with an outer skin of heavy armor plates and a basic Sensor/IFF suite.

Main Weapons
Each Mecha carries two of the following weapons, one mounted on each arm. It's absolutely possible to choose the same weapon twice.
Flamethrower: By its very nature, a Flamthrower is only useful at short ranges. It has absolutely devastating effects against infantry and open vehicles. Other Mecha are largely immune to the flaming cloud, but if used at point blank range, the intense heat might cook the Knight inside his cockpit.
Gatling Laser: A Gatling Laser is really just a bunch of heavy Laser emitters grouped together and fired in a periodic cycle. Gatling Lasers are less devastating than Laser Cannons, but provide a much higher rate of fire. Against another Mecha a Gatling Laser would have problems with breaching the outer armor plates, but if the armor has already been weakened the heavy fusillade of laser beams can cause significant interior damage.
Laser Cannon: The Laser Cannon is the prime weapon for use against other Mecha and lightly fortified positions. The concentrated energy beam emitted from this weapon can punch though a Mecha's heavy armor plates and will all but obliterate lighter vehicles. However, due to its slow fire rate it would be wasted against numerous but weak targets such as infantry.
Melee Weapon: Mecha-sized Melee Weapons are typically huge blades, longer than a man is tall, which can scythe though hordes of infantry and rend through the armor plates of Meccha and vehicles.

Support Systems
Each Mecha has six "slots" to mount various support systems. Unless specifically noted, each System can be installed multiple times. Note that some Systems take up multiple slots for a single mounting.
Ablative Armor: Additional armor plates allow a Mecha to absorb more incoming fire before sustaining any serious damage. The more "slots" are dedicated to Ablative Armor, the longer the Mecha can survive.
Centauroid: This modificaton replaces the Mecha's humaniod hips and legs with a four-legged animal-shaped carriage. This greatly increases the Mecha's running speed at the cost of a slight reduction in maneuverability. This modification can only be taken once, takes up two "slots" and can not be combined with Jump Jets.
Defensive Weapon: Defensive weapons are old fashioned mechanical weapons like Machine Guns, Grenade Launchers or lighter versions of Flamethrowers. Their main purpose is to give the pilot the means to defend himself against capture by enemy infantry in case his Mecha gets incapacitated.
For this reason these weapons are usually mounted directly in the cockpit so the pilot can aim and fire the weapon without the assistence of servoes or the targetting computer. The weapon can also be detached from the Mecha to become man-portable.
Defensive Weapons are all but useless against Mecha, but pose a serious threat to infantry and light vehicles.
Devastator Missile: The huge Devastator Missiles can be mounted on a Mecha's shoulders or back. Each "slot" represents one missile. As can be expected,the destructive power of a Devastator Missile is considerably higher than that of the smaller missiles held inside Missile Pods.
ECM Suite: An ECM Suite distorts the Mecha's electromagnetic signature and makes it more difficult for enemies to locate the Mecha with their sensors. A Mecha can only have one ECM Suite.
Improved Sensors: Improved Sensors have a greater range than the normal sensor suite installed in every Mecha. They also have a better chance of locating targets protected by an ECM Suite. A Mecha can only have one set of Improved Sensors.
Jump Jets: Jump Jets mounted in the lower torso serve to propel a Mecha into the air, allowing it to jump over obstacles and enemy formations. They are, however, not strong enough to keep the Mecha airborne for any extended period of time. A Mecha can only have one set of Jump Jets, which takes up two "slots".
Missile Pod: Missile Pods are typically mounted in a Mecha's shoulders or integrated into its torso. Each Missile Pod holds six high explosive missiles, which can be fired independently or in groups. A single missile can scatter an infantry formation or cause serious damage to a light vehicle. A swarm of multiple missiles is required to make any serious impression on a Mecha. Missiles have a limited target-seeking capability.
Shield: A shield is simply a large piece of additional armor plating attached one of the Mecha's arms (in addition to the weapon mounted there). The Shield offers a great deal of protection against melee attacks by other Mecha. It also protects against ranged attacks, but its effectively in this function is greatly reduced. A Mecha can only have one Shield.
Shoulder Mounted Weapon: A Shoulder Mount allows the Mecha to carry a third (or fourth) Main Weapon. These are normally used for Laser Cannons or Gatling Lasers, but Shoulder Mounted Flamethrowers are also possible (Shoulder Mounted Melee Weapons aren't particularly practical). Each Shoulder Mounted Weapon takes up three "slots".
Storage Space: A Knight may also choose to keep a portion of the Mecha's interior empty to to store additional gear such as a First aid kit, survival gear, body armor or a large personal weapon. Many Knights think it's bad luck to carry such gear, however, because it won't become useful unless the Mecha is severely damaged in the field.

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PostPosted: Wed Jun 25, 2008 4:46 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Feudal Data
Name: Ayneira
County: None - Queen of Myrandria
Coat of Arms: Azure, a Dragon passant, reguardant Or
Livery: Blue and Gold
Personal Melee Weapon: Scimitar

Personal Data
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 138 lb.
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Green
Skin Color: Tan

Mecha Data
Name: Boadicea
Main Weapon (right): Melee Weapon
Main Weapon (left): Flametrower
Support Systems:
- Shield (left)
- Shoulder Mounted Laser Cannon (right)
- Improved Sensors
- Ablative Armor

Feudal Data
Name: Garran
County: Crown Prince of Patroponne
Coat of Arms: Or, a unicorn sable armed and crined gules, on a chief of the second three fleurs-de-lis of the first
Livery: Red and Gold
Personal Melee Weapon: Two Broadswords

Personal Data
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 180 lb.
Hair Color: Pale Blonde
Eye Color: Grey
Skin Color: White

Mecha Data
Name: Cossack
Main Weapon (right): Melee Weapon
Main Weapon (left): Melee Weapon
Support Systems:
- Centauroid
- Devastator Missile (x2)
- Ablative Armor (x2)

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PostPosted: Wed Jun 25, 2008 4:56 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Feudal Data
Name: Jon
Fiefdom: Kleas
Coat of Arms: Sable, a Gemstone Gules (Red Jewel on a Black field)
Livery: Black and silver
Personal Melee Weapon: Gysandir, a longsword

Personal Data
Age: 40
Gender: Male
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 210 lb.
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Skin Color: Tan

Mecha Data
Name: HLM-01 Hologram
Main Weapon (right): Gatling Laser
Main Weapon (left): Gatling Laser
Support Systems: Jump Jets, Improved Sensors, ECM Suite, Ablative Armor, Storage Space

Personality & Background: Calm, methodical, and unswervingly loyal to his adopted realm, Lord Kleas is an illegitimate son of the former lord by a foreign woman. Raised knowing of his birth but unable to take advantage of it, Jon served in the military of his birth country Ambria as an officer and later took up Mech-Craft as a trade. When his father was forced by the death of his only legitimate son to recognize Jon as heir, Jon moved to Myrandria and adopted their customs and rulers as his own. His history has given him a healthy respect for the common soldier and worker, but he is uncomfortable exercising his rights as a noble, and spends much of his time home in Kleas with his people.

While working in the Mecha Design industry, Jon gradually grew disgusted by the battle-behemoths that were continually brought in for repair and redesign after attracting the fire of every enemy on the field. He began to turn his attentions to more specialized and stylized Mechas. When he was unexpectedly presented with lordship and and the opportunity to design his own mecha, he correspondingly built the HLM-01 Hologram. Small, stealthy, with relatively low damage capacity, the Hologram is a highly capable scout Mecha designed to gather intel with its sensors while hiding in its ECM cloak, then using its small size and high mobility to return to base. Virtually useless in combat alone, it serves best aiding a larger unit and capitalizing on damages inflicted.
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PostPosted: Wed Jun 25, 2008 6:41 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Feudal Data
Name: Henry
County: Lauderdale
Coat of Arms: Argent, a bend cotised Purpure

Livery: Blue and Gold
Personal Melee Weapon: Spiked shield

Personal Data
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Height: 1 fathom (183 cm)
Weight: 165 lb. (75 kg)
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Skin Color: White (mildly tanned)

Mecha Data
Name: Caballus
Main Weapon (right): Gatling laser
Main Weapon (left): Męlée weapon
Support Systems: Centauroid, ECM Suite, Improved Sensors, Shield (right), Storage Space

Personality & Background
Sir Henry is the third-born child and second son of Robert, the eighth Earl Lauderdale. As the third child, he was something of a family appendix, and was apprenticed off to Sir Isaiah of Beurling as his squire and subsequently forgotten about. After completing his training he was granted the rank of Knight. However, he does not fight with the Lauderdale troops - they are commanded by his older brother, Viscount Charles, as the heir apparent to the Earl Lauderdale title. Instead, he is a Knight of Myrandria, sworn only to Queen Ayneira. He bears little loyalty to his blood family, preferentially using his first name, though he will answer to "Sir Lauderdale" as well.

While Sir Henry pays lip service to honour and chivalry so long as doing so is not a hindrance, in battle he sees them as being secondary to the goal of winning - and even that only so long as it is parallel to the goal of staying alive. His personal mecha is a perfect reflection of this philosophy. Built for maximum speed with only light weapons and armour, it suits well his preferred strategy of dashing into battle, striking and dashing away again. The Caballus relies on speed and its ECM suite in order to avoid damage instead of weathering it. Ironically enough, Sir Henry's tactics have earned him a reputation for bravery among the royal troops as he is the first to charge into battle. They don't seem to have noticed that he is also the first to charge out of it.

Outside of battle, Sir Henry switches between jovial and deadly serious, depending on whether the Queen is within earshot. There is some disagreement among those who know him as to which is the mask.
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PostPosted: Thu Jun 26, 2008 1:48 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Feudal Data
Name: Kára
Country: Völuspá
Coat of Arms: Azure, a Phoenix displayed, head dexter (colour silver)
Livery: blue and silver
Personal Melee Weapon: Katana and Wakizashi

Personal Data
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Height: 183cm
Weight: 165lb
Hair Color: black
Eye Color: LH eye Green RH eye ice blue
Skin Color: ebony

Mecha Data
Name: Brynhildr
Main Weapon (Left): Melee Weapon
Main Weapon (Right): Gatling laser
Support Systems: Shield (RHS), Jump Jets, Improved Sensors, Ablative Armor, EMC suit.

Personality & Background

She's relatively serious when around others and while performing her duties, but "lets her hair down" when around just the Queen, or occasionally in small groups.

Her mother, Princess Akkadian of Ninhursag, was taken as wife by one of the Kings knights who was the ruler of the fiefdom Völuspá. He pledged his first born child, as is tradition in his lands, before birth to protect the King's child.

Kára's mother died in child birth and her father died when she was 9. Before he died he remarried and had 2 more children a girl and a boy. The girl Sigrún would inherit the Kingdom.

Up until the time of his death her father had impressed upon her the importance of her duties and how the protection of Ayneira came above all else, including her own life.

Upon her father's death Kára moved to live in the room next to Ayneira's so that the two girls could get to know one another and so that Kára could learn to fulfill her sworn duties.

From a young child she has been trained in various forms of fighting, her specialty is close quarters fighting and she is just as proficient with her own personal blades as with the handling of her Mecha in melee situations.

In some ways Kára and Ayneira are like sisters, as they've grown up together however Kára is always quick to remember what her duty is.

Coat of Arms:

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PostPosted: Thu Jun 26, 2008 2:08 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Feudal Data
Name: Davion
County: Vayne
Coat of Arms: Purpure, a cross argent, in dexter chief a raven sable orbed celeste.
Livery: Purple and Silver
Personal Melee Weapon: Rapier

Personal Data
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 160lbs
Hair Color: Black (light purple sheen, kept in ponytail)
Eye Color: Grey/Silver
Skin Color: Pale

Mecha Data
Name: "Mercy"
Main Weapon (right): Laser Cannon
Main Weapon (left): Gatling Laser
Support Systems:
- Devastator Missile (x2)
- Advanced Sensor Platform
- Ablative Armor (x2)
- Defensive M-Gun

Personality & Background:
A quiet child, Davion was not well suited for being bartered for land or advantage. With a generally "dark" demeanor, and little desire to speak his mind on most matters, he was considered to be nearly worthless in that regard. He was still given the same education and training as his siblings, where he excelled in both. Other than being quiet and normally considered to be hiding within himself, Davion has proven to be quick thinking in a critical situation. Also, he has shown compassion toward his fellow man (so long as he is not reminded of their ignorance).

Davion was born, like many knights, into a royal bloodline. He was the seventh of ten children by his mother, and the sixth of nine by his father. While the county was, in truth, bound to his mother and not his father, his eldest brother on his father's lineage found this unacceptable, and posed a coup. Davion had, being further on down the lineage, been sent away to train as a Knight.

Upon returning one year to celebrate holidays with his family, he found his home in the midst of a rather brutal civil war. His eldest brother had chosen to slay his eldest sister, and in the aftermath claimed himself the rightful heir. This infuriated their mother, who had the boy beheaded for treason. This did not sit well with the father, who then declared his wife unfit to lead and attempted to take her throne by force. The children were divided quite equally, and before even a peacekeeping force could be sent from anywhere else, they had destroyed nearly their entire county.

Davion set to work immediately, using his absence as a ploy to gain access to both camps at different intervals. From this ability he gleaned the locations of both forces, and relayed this to inbound "support" knights. As the knights purged the Vayne stock, for charges varying from murder to treason, they chose to spare the one Vayne who had been absent from his home, and had shown loyalty to the queen above his own blood.

From there, Davion was granted a place at the Queen's side. He has served as a heavy weapons specialist and fire support for the Queen since.

. Dubbed "Usagi" by AsA .
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PostPosted: Thu Jun 26, 2008 8:55 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Feudal Data

Name: Alana
County: Hashriel
Coat of Arms: "Argent, a human skull cendree, a bordure sable."
(White shield rimed with black, grey skull emblazoned thereon.)
Livery: Black and grey
Personal Melee Weapon: alloy staff

Personal Data

Age: 24
Gender: Female
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 9 stone
Hair Color: Mousey brown
Eye Color: Greyish blue
Skin Color: White

Mecha Data

Name: Archer
Main Weapon (right): Laser Cannon
Main Weapon (left): Melee Weapon
Support Systems:
ECM Suite
Improved Sensors
Shield (Right arm)
Gatling Laser (Left shoulder)

Personality & Background

Alana was born into petty nobility who made the majority of their income on the strength of the vast reactor complex housed on their lands. She was raised with a classical education with the intention to be married into a more powerful family upon turning twenty one. This plan went somewhat awry when, while touring one of the reactors at the age of twenty, a minor radiation leak rendered her and everyone else in the room at the time sterile. Fortunately everyone else in the room was a peasant; unfortunately it made her unsuitable for the terms of the marriage. Equipped with a mecha and some basic combat training Alana was sent to win her family's fortune on the edge of a blade, or at least to die where she would no longer represent such a disgrace.

Given her comparatively limited battle training Alana tends to approach engagements with other mecha from extreme range using her mecha's ECM suite in conjunction with the range to remain undetected and give the improved sensor suite time to pick out enemies for the Laser cannon. While this is perhaps not as honourable as ridding enemies down on the field Alana has no real illusions that following any code of honour or purpose improves her worth after failing the traditional purpose of her existence. It is a skill she has become quite adept at though, however dishonourable it might be. When engaged with enemy infantry or light vehicles she tends to simply immolate them with broad sweeps of her suit's shoulder mounted Gatling Laser using the reasoning that death will spare them the dishonour of defeat, a situation she compares all too readily in soldiers to own her lack of real purpose. Heavier vehicles and emplacements are granted the tender attentions of either the mecha's sword or a blast from the Laser cannon. In a command role Alana capitalises on her studies of historical battles enabling her to integrate tactical battle plans and strategic logistics if needed.

Somewhat distant though not without a sense of humour Alana would describe her life as somewhat adrift, contented for the most part to let events turn out as they will around her and to draw pleasure from the simple practice of her skills. Those who know her tend to find her dispassionate attitude somewhat off putting at times including her ability to remain completely calm even when under heavy fire. Few realise that this ability is not so much courage as a lack of caring.

Never forget,
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