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Bering RPG Chapter 1.5: Maiden Voyage
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PostPosted: Fri Aug 12, 2011 10:54 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Feaelen wrote:
Thieli, smiled as she patted the control panel, the engine had performed admirably during the manouvers. She could think of a few things to tweak but they could wait for smoother sailing.

Thieli tilted her head at the anouncement of the Captain, and let her fingers fly over the controls as he ordered them to boarding party status. She checked to make sure the engine would "carry on as if she were normal" while she was away. And then quickly left the engine room and headed to her quarters.

Thieli, dropped into her room and pulled open her tool kit, taking various tools and placing them into the holders of a strange flat of "cloth" that folded up into a strange small bag that she could sling across her back. Who knew what she'd run into with this new engine room so best take a wide variety of things.

After that was packed and attached, she pulled a strange long thin cylindrical "billy club" shaped object from her tool trunk. She gave a quick snap of her wrist and smiled a garish smile as a strange ripple acompanied by a slight whoosh sound passed down the shaft and it transformed into a blade. "Perfect" she muttered, to noone in particular. She snapped it again back into club form before attaching it to it's strange holster on her hip belt. Ready to go she headed out the door and towards the assembly hatch

That must be painful and that quick snap would turn out the circulation of the blood in a traumatic flow. Indeed, silly at all.

Im interested in the Billy Club of yours is that old or new?
Women can stand a beating except when it is with their own billy club weapon.
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