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Latest Gaming News Central (LGNC for short)

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PostPosted: Mon Mar 23, 2009 10:25 pm    Post subject: Latest Gaming News Central (LGNC for short) Reply with quote

Welcome to the LGNC. Feel free to slap newsposts concerning the gaming community in general here. This is not only limited to new game announcements, but industry news as well. The LGNC appreciates your contributions and hopes happy fragging/rushing/questing/etc. to all.

Our first story for the news concerns the continuation of an oft-forgotten, yet completely revolutionary (in many senses of the word), franchise known as Red Faction. As you may well know, the original Red Faction introduced the Geomod physics engine, allowing players true freedom of movement through destruction, namely, if you wanted to go through a wall, the only thing that could stop you is a lack of explosives. It was recently announced that the third installment of the series was well on its way, entitled Red Faction: Guerrilla. This came as a surprise, especially considering the abysmal second showing of the series, and it's packed with plenty of updates to bring back the ones who lost faith in the cause.

Everyone's favourite engine of environmental destruction is back, and it's better than ever. Geo Mod 2.0 is taking things to the next level, with genuine structural damage effects, using real structural engineering in order to bring down the house, literally. Now, it's not a matter of how much explody, but how well you place your explody. Thus making it that much more satisfying to overload on explosives, because we have a real big bang to play with. Watch for flying debris, and (pardon the pun) have a blast.

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This be Claen'tor, signing off for LGNC.
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PostPosted: Mon Mar 23, 2009 11:05 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

We actually used to have a whole separate forum just for l33t gaming geeks and skillz. I think that went away with v1.0, though.

*waves a grandmotherly hand*

A Geomod engine? That's nice, dear. Run along and play, now. Have fun, children!

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PostPosted: Tue Mar 24, 2009 4:01 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Battle For Wesnoth v1.6 is out!

Come play =D See my artwork in-game. You know you want to Wink
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PostPosted: Thu Mar 26, 2009 10:22 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I hear Duke Nukem Forever is coming out soon! ^_^
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PostPosted: Thu Mar 26, 2009 12:25 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

ROFL @ Tam!

Yep, Duke Nukem Forever! Aaaaaaaany day now...

There was another game like that, but now I don't recall what it was. It might have been Fallout 3, but I guess that's been solved now, hasn't it?
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PostPosted: Thu Mar 26, 2009 12:41 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Kameo was first announced for the N64. It was a release-game for the 360.
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PostPosted: Wed Mar 30, 2011 12:27 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote


Today I think I've finished off most of the content from DA2....

Comments? More a novel than a game.

This is the game that's convinced me that what goes on in the gaming media has pretty much nothing to do with what goes in a game. Not that I didn't strongly suspect anyway, of course.

Spoilers here on in.


You'll make different choices and they won't change anything.

Anders in my first play through I helped him retrieve some ingredients that later turned out to be for a bomb. On my second play-through I didn't. And he still blew the place up. Your mother dies at one point, so on my second play through I hunted her killer three years earlier; but it turns out you're doomed to failure - no matter what you do she always dies. Your second sibling If you leave them behind when you go on one quest they either get captured or decide to go and join the Templars; if you bring them with you they catch the taint and die; if you bring the person who can cure the taint with you they still end up leaving the party. They're just scripted to be gone at that point in the story.

The conclusion of the second act has a fairly fundamentalist religious leader taking over the city he gives a big speech before the end where he's talking to the leaders of the city about how they're all selfish and only leave destruction in their wake; where's the choice to agree with him? Where's the 'He's right, you know. You people can all go hang for all I care.' choice? It would have been a delicious moment to burst into the hall just in time to hear the end of their speech. Have them all cheer for you, look left and right, nod to the fundamentalist and just walk out closing the doors behind you....

Or even to join up with him if you got chummy early enough.

You have to fight him or give him one of your party members and plot artefact, but either way you have to get rid of him.

Your choices are all the choices that don't matter. Kill a minor guy here or a guy there. Take a quest or don't. But since the quests just boil down to kill everything, with no long-term consequences, the only real question is whether you'd like some more XP or not. Even clearing the gangs out you'd think it would make the city a better place but no, the city is a hell-hole whatever you do.

Even the first time through the plot does not hang together well. The overall themes seems largely trivial. Outside of a few bosses there is little threat from the blood-mages that the Templars seem so obsessed about. They die like everyone else. And they're squishy wizards so it's not like it takes a lot of firepower just to shoot them at the outset of a fight.

Perhaps the reason the Templars find them so much trouble is they try to use swords, as compared to say crossbows.

There was a bloodmage it was awful.

Oh really, how did that end?

We shot him in the head.

There might have been an angle they could have worked flawed people doing a necessary job. In reality their whining just came off as unrealistic. The Templars abuse and exploit the mages apparently for no reason.

Though the mages weren't much better, almost all of them turning to bloodmagic whenever things got difficult. It's hard to have an engaging moral storyline about choices when both sides are as bad as each other. You may as well round them all up and kill them. Towards the end I just wished there was a 'You deserve each other, have fun.' Option.

Combat mechanics

I miss finishing moves. People just explode in this game, like blood filled balloons.

The stats may as well be forgotten if you put points into anything except your two main combat skills (dex-cun rogue, mag-will mage, str-con fighter) they're largely wasted; though most people will want to bump con to at least 16 by the end of the game.

There are effectively no real non-combat skills, bar that lock picking is changed by cun; but since anyone can do that you may as well just bump the archer's cunning all the way up and otherwise ignore it. If you even bother with chests that is.

There are some builds for rogues that optimise cunning criticals but the short term returns are so low that an end-game powerhouse isn't really a viable build.

Talents, skills, feats, spells whatever they're calling them at the moment - are distributed in such a way that you have to invest in the skill tree before you can get the upgrades to the talents you actually want. The entire point of designing the tree this way was supposed to be that you didn't end up with a whole bunch of skills you never wanted.

Enemies spawn in waves, in some cases just teleporting onto the field, which makes tactics of questionable importance. They've put in combos as in you have a warrior stun a bunch of people and then a spell from a mage gives 900% damage. It doesn't make any real sense. What difference should it make to a lightning bolt whether you're a bit wozzy before you get hit by it? Brace yourself for a zillion volts of electric death.... What difference does it make to a spell that lifts someone off their feet and slams them into the ground whether they're disoriented or not? What are they going to do? Catch themselves with their arms? Hate to point this out but catching yourself with your arms against any significant force is just a quick way to get your arms shattered.

Cone of cold is still amazingly overpowered. It's meant to be a hail Mary pass for close in when something's make a bee-line for your mages. Given that crowd control isn't much of an issue however it works out being a case where you'll flank the main group with a couple of mages and lay the whammy on.

Sigil spells are of very little utility.

Rogues' backstab is now an ability, so relative positioning is of little importance beyond the obvious pull everyone in with a warrior.

You probably won't pick up more than a smattering of utility skills outside of your main damage-dealing tree. The interplay between skills isn't up to much outside of the aforementioned combo systems.

Combat does, as promised, have a much faster pace. You can run through the skills very quickly and then you've got a fairly long cool-down time, especially with the rogue. Gives you a very large initial strike package offset by the enemies spawning in waves.


This is the meat of the thing. Bioware have always made good characters. It's nice that they seem to have their own lives in this one. Powerful people with powerful friends and all that. And they're interesting as far as they go.... Definitely easier to get into than the Dragon Age Origins characters since you don't have to bribe them with assorted trinkets. Meril's a sweetheart, Aveline's your traditional good person in a bad world, Varric's brutally pragmatic. You won't get a lot of this from talking to them though. Most of their characters are expressed through talking to each other.

'Oh are we going that way, I've never seen a huge dragon before.' Meril.

As with most of the game your choices are largely irrelevant to how things turn out. It's hard to get invested in characters, however well written, when you're not so much interacting with them as observing them.

Unless you're a stalker of course, then I guess it might be cool.


Overall? Should you buy it? No. If you want an RPG this doesn't have complex underlying mechanics, the choices or the investment in the world that role playing kind of requires. If you want a top down action game you should wait on Diablo 3 or go and pick up a copy of Torchlight. If you like small unit tactics executing in real time/pause --- well there actually aren't a lot of good games out there for that at the moment, but considering the shallow nature of the tactics here this wouldn't count among them anyway.

And an arbitrary score out of ten. (Because all things can be reduced to a simple number without showing any consistent weighting or really mentioning what is being measured....)


The march to reduce gaming to the lowest common denominator continues....
Never forget,
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PostPosted: Mon Apr 11, 2011 4:16 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I'm not really allowed to comment on these things, but Tycho's got a good sense over at http://www.penny-arcade.com/2011/4/8/ Our studio had some really tough goals for DA2. Big company meeting we had a couple weeks ago was all about learning from the problems and building on the successes.
I think you'll find, even starting with the next DLC, some changes from feedback

I, for one, find DA2 to be a better game than the first. But then, the world and character story are what were always drawing me in...
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