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Earthsong: The Sapphire Guard - Bios

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PostPosted: Fri Oct 24, 2008 2:59 pm    Post subject: Earthsong: The Sapphire Guard - Bios Reply with quote

maintained by Zaebos, Haven's Guard.


Position: Derlain Tundra, SW of the Haven, half a day's journey as the dragon flies.
Abdite fortress: Underground; entryway near NE stump, lichen covered abdite slab.
Primary duties: Badlands reconaissance, occasional arrival recovery.


Member Profile:

Soulstone Power:
Age of Body:
Length of Stay on ES:

Weapon of choice:
Colour of Augment Stones:

General Characteristics and Personal History:

***Please Note: You are not limited to the races already introduced into the Earthsong'verse - please feel free to choose another from the ample mythological history of Gaia... or make up your own. If you DO wish to use a known race (ie Fairy), then you must choose the same powers/limitations etc. Also note that I, teh Lady, am not bound by your choice of powers should you choose a race that appears later on in the series (ie centaur)***
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PostPosted: Sat Oct 25, 2008 10:40 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Member Profile:

Name: Tethys
Race: Oceanid/Siren
Soulstone Power: Sonic Scream
Gender: Female
Height: 6’5”
Hair: Aqua Green
Eyes: Deep Blue
Age of Body: 24 in home-world years/terms
Length of Stay on ES: 8 years

Remnant: Her settlement was being attacked and she was assisting in the evacuation of her tribe’s young and sick, when she and others were ambushed by the enemy – she can recall losing her temper and starting to go berserker.
Skills: Swimming and deep diving; berserker fighting (if that can be called a skill); limited capacity for breathing underwater
Weapon of choice: 2x knives, shaped like Khukuri knives
Colour of Augment Stones: Turquoise
Clothing: on-duty, she tends to wear fairly simple tunics and short knee-length trousers but no shoes. However, she does occasionally indulge in flowing things when she’s off-duty. Picture Here

General Characteristics and Personal History:
According to the annals kept in the Agora, Tethys’ species may have provided some of the inspiration for tales of water dwelling nymphs for their obsession with being near river and sea areas. While studying and waiting on her own Halidsian ceremony, she read about a legend of another world about a goddess who embodied great rivers and seas, and while it might seem a grandiose name, she rather took a liking to it and preferred it to the one she was given initially.

Volatile in battle, Tethys tends to avoid taking any kind of martial vanguard, and instead tries to provide support with her sonic scream, since she finds it very easy to slip into a berserker mode while fighting her enemies and was managed to even injure allies on occasion during her furies.

Away from fighting, she can appear distant and short-tempered to Guard members who aren’t so well acquainted with her, but she does have a sense of humour, albeit a rather gruff, “gallows” sense of humour, and she has a deep affection for all of the Guard members that she works with. However she does pull back from getting involved in any rough-housing.

Obviously, she feels a pull towards the water, and is very excited when the Sapphire Guard are given the opportunity to go on missions near rivers or the Scyllan Sea when she can, and has decorated her quarters in a sea-based theme. She also has a secret penchant for terrible poetry/balladry, which she tries to hide from the rest of the Sapphire Guard members.

Physical Description and Cultural Notes:

Tethys is one of the tallest residents on Earthsong, as several members of her species have been. She has some muscle, and her feet and hands are webbed in order to facilitate swimming, and her ears are webbed also. Her eyes are deep blue and her hair is a light aqua-green, and her skin is a lighter blue. However, past Oceanid visitors to Earthsong have been noted as having a range of hair colours from midnight blue to forest green to light purple – when she blushes her cheeks turn dark green.

The Oceanids hail from Thalassa XI, a planet which has only medium sized land masses and many seas and oceans. They tend to keep to the coastal lines of Thalassa, often building shanty raft communities on islands and atolls, while other species tend to keep their communities towards the inland areas and valleys. Their major industries are gem-diving and fishing and revolve around their proximity to the water.

Oceanid culture is very clannish and violent – sporting events involving displays of strength or pitting warriors against one another is common, and indeed encouraged. Strangely, on the flipside to this, they are very fond of story-telling and keeping orally told sagas and long poems. All members of a clan or ‘genus’ are expected to receive a bare minimum of training in understanding how to defend one’s self. There is a sort of Council of ‘genii’, which supposedly any Oceanid from any background can attend and speak their concerns and grievances at, but full political power tends to be held by the 8 chieftains of the 8 biggest ‘genii’ and factions within this Council are constantly shifting. Skirmishes and raids are a weekly occurrence for many ‘genii’, though it is rare that full blown wars to break out, as that would mean a temporary dissolving of the Council. A small fringe ‘genus’ tends to include 50 Oceanids, whereas some of the bigger islands are home to ‘genii’ of around 350 to 400.

Within the ‘genus’ there are the warriors and the fishers, though this tends to be decided via personal skills more than anything else. Children tend to be taught and trained communally, and the job of educator tends to fall to warriors who are no longer able to actively take part in raids or defence. When she was a resident on Thalassa XI, Tethys had been an assistant to the warrior who was Chief Defender.

Their current optimistic life expectancy is between 45 and 60(60 being if you’re a REALLY GOOD warrior), due to the constant fighting, though their history indicates that during much more peaceful times, 130 may have been the norm. This has also impacted their mating rituals in that it is very rare for Oceanids to make life-long mates.
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PostPosted: Sat Oct 25, 2008 7:08 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Member Profile: Ailurin

Name: Ailurin
Race: Eveo
Soulstone Power: Ability to make plants grow very quickly and control their shapes.
Gender: Neuter (see species description)
Height: 3 feet eight inches
Hair: Variegated (see species description)
Eyes: Three (see species description)
Age of Body: 16 (but see species description)
Length of Stay on ES: 23 Earthsong years so far

Remnant: Failed rescue
Skills: Exceptional vision, brachiation
Weapon of choice: Short bow
Colour of Augment Stones: Jade
Clothing: None (see species description)

Species Description:

The planet Dauben, being possessed of somewhat unusual tastes in geography, arranged his surface as a series of small, heavily forested islands in fairly close proximity to one another. His children, the Eveo, are similarly odd.

In keeping with their forested biome, the Eveo are an arboreal species. An adult stands between 3 foot 5 inches and four feet tall, not counting their prehensile tails which add up to four feet more to their overall length. They are furred all over, with lighter fur on the belly and dark brindled gray-and-brown on their back. Many possess dark russet V-shaped markings in the fur of their foreheads (a pattern called voorash in the Eveo tongue), giving them the appearance of sharply defined eyebrows.

Unlike most species, the Eveo have three eyes. Two are in the normal positions, left and right, typically having vivid orange or yellow coloring, and registering light in more or less the same visible spectrum as most other species. The third sits in the middle of their forehead (indeed, right at the apex of the russet V in voorash individuals). The third eye is invariably solid black. It registers light in the infra-red and ultra-violet, and most of its receptors focus on detecting edges in the scene before them. The result is that the Eveo have superb depth perception and night vision, and can see in a wider range of colors than most other species. The third eye may be opened or closed independently of the other two.

Their ears are sharply pointed, reasonably sensitive, and can be rotated independently of one another.

The Eveo can walk upright, but have a tendency to drop to all fours when they are crossing flat ground in a hurry. They are more at home in the trees, where they can swing rapidly from one tree to the next using their long arms and their prehensile tails to fling themselves to the next grasping point up to twenty feet away. They are also strong swimmers, as this is necessary to pass from one island to the next. They usually use a breaststroke motion supplemented by thrashing their tails behind them.

They eat a diet composed mostly of fruits and leaves, but enjoy fish. The average Eveo lives 32-40 years, barring mishap. They are a crepuscular species; that is, they are most active around dawn and dusk, and tend to take naps during the middle of the night and day. They are capable of remaining active at any time of day, but work best in half light.

On Dauben, the Eveo hibernate 2 months out of every 14, during the coldest season. On Earthsong their internal clocks tend to get out of whack, so that they hibernate in brief chunks at random intervals.

The species is quasi-marsupial, and has three genders: male, female, and neuter. All three are necessary to reproduction. Males fertilize females, who produce eggs, which they deposit at the base of certain tree species. The neuters encase the fertilized eggs in a nutritious cocoon made out of tree sap and their own saliva, and stand guard over the developing cocoons until the infants emerge. A newly hatched Eveo weighs no more than a pound, but grows rapidly on a diet of pre-masticated leaves provided by a neuter guardian. By the age of six months they are fully capable of feeding themselves. Neuters are responsible for education of the young, which lasts usually until they reach sexual maturity at age four.

The Eveo do not wear clothing, as their fur renders it needless. They do however delight in jewelry, especially bracelets made of brightly colored epiphytic orchids, which are worn by nearly everyone. They are intelligent and entirely capable of constructing clever devices and buildings. However, they rarely see much point in doing so. Dauben's climate is comfortable, and they have no natural land-based predators, and so the Eveo prefer to live more or less in a state of nature. The one exception to this is their longstanding habit of grafting trees to one another to form elaborate living tree houses. On some islands, Eveo tree-weaving has resulted in the entire "forest" becoming essentially a single organism.

The Eveo tend to be timid, and have rarely elected to stay on Earthsong, even before Beluosus' arrival. As a result, they rarely appear in the myths of other species. On the other hand, they tend to be deeply impressed by their encounters with other children on Earthsong, and have a tendency to retain slightly clearer memories of their visits than usual. As a result, Eveo mythology is full of descriptions of other species.

General Characteristics and Personal History:

Ailurin is a sixteen year old neuter Eveo. For the convenience of the other children on Earthsong, Ailurin chose to accept a male pronoun, though his own species has a third pronoun specifically reserved for neuters (ta for males, idris for females, and vo for neuters).

Like most of his species, he has superb vision and clever hands. He speaks in a soft voice which is clearly understandable, but has a tendency to emit chirrup noises when excited or speaking quickly.

His fur is pale gray on his belly; on his back it is darker, brindled with stripes of even darker gray. The brindling pattern extends all long his tail. The underside of the last foot of his tail does not have fur, and has ridges like a person's fingerprints, for a better grip when he grasps something with his tail. Similarly, his palms and fingers are unfurred. The skin visible in these places is deep black, though speckled with lighter spots like large-ish freckles. He is voorash, with his third eye neatly centered at the base of the russet V on his forehead. His other two eyes are bright orange.

Even more than others of his species, Ailurin has always been drawn to plants and their shaping, and has proven good at it. He was one of the foremost plant-weavers in his island's tribe. His success at this occupation caused him to delay raising offspring longer than most. When he finally settled down to raise his first two children, the results -- sent him to Earthsong.

He arrived deep in the badlands, further towards The Den than most new arrivals. He would surely have been taken to Beluosus, except that he woke quickly. When he opened his three eyes and looked around him, he felt instant horror at the condition of the plant life around him. Spying healthier trees in the distance, however, he fled towards them as quickly as he possibly could. Beluosus had sent Jormand, Richard, and Kalin (a Mandragora who has since been killed) to collect Ailurin. They arrived just in time to see him leaving and pursued him. He stayed ahead for an hour, and just when they were about to catch him -- they ran straight into a Haven patrol coming to get him also.

As for Ailurin, he kept right on going. It took the Havenites a week to find him in the woods north of the river, and eight days more to persuade him to come to the Haven. Once he had been oriented, however, he chose to stay and fight Beluosus -- for the trees.

And to avoid a return home.

An Eveo Dictionary

chirrup: an exclamatory noise. Has no grammatical, syntactical, or lexical meaning.

hlurris, verb: an act, unfit for polite company, which cannot be performed by any individual having fewer than five limbs suitable for grasping ... things.

idris: "she", third person singular female pronoun.

ta: "he", third person singular male pronoun.

vo: "it", third person singular neuter pronoun.

voorash, adjective, adverb: having a V-shaped patch of russet-colored fur on the forehead, rather like eyebrows.
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PostPosted: Sat Oct 25, 2008 10:38 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Name: Lilith
Race: Demon
Soulstone Power: Pyromancy
Gender: Female
Height: 6'3"
Body Fur: Rust Brown
Hair: Copper
Eyes: Red
Age of Body: 26 homeworld years
Length of Stay on ES: 18 years

Remnant: Apparently, Lilith was some kind of criminal on her homeworld (or perhaps a rebel, herectic, etc). Her remnant is of her hideout getting raided by the authorities and she and hr accomplices frantically trying to escape capture. She assumes the Lilith is actually her real name, because she was called by that name in her remnant.
Skills: Is trained in several techniques of unarmed hand-to-hand combat.
In the rare peaceful moments, she likes to work with plants, especially those that produce edible fruit, and she knows a number of recipies to turn these fruit into delicious jellies, jams, juices, and liquor.
Weapon of choice: Martial Arts and Pyromancy.
She also carries a small flask of homemade rum (distilled from wiple syrup Wink ). With the help of this hich-volume alcohol and her fire controlling ability, she has developed a techniqute to literally spit fire.
Colour of Augment Stones: Red
Clothing: Black, tight-fitting, knee-length leggings. Red, blouse-top and short skirt.

General Characteristics and Personal History:
When Lilith first arrived on Earthsong she was very shy and reserved. She was especially anxious of revealing her remnant for fear that her criminal background might cause others to ostracize her.
Eventually, her secret had to come out, however, and since she found that she was socially accepted anyway she has loosened up considerably. Nowadays, Lilith generally sports a laid-back, relaxed attitude, paired with a certain cockyness in combat or other intense situations.
As of late, she has also become somewhat flirtatious, and some members of the Sapphire Guard might think that she's out to catch herself a boyfriend. Towards herself, she rationalizes her behavious thus that she is not actually searching for any romantic attachment, but if the opportunity where to present itself, she wouldn't hesitate to take it either...

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PostPosted: Sun Oct 26, 2008 2:54 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Name: Milk
Race: Mimi
Soulstone Power: The ability to mold their body like goo, stretching, compacting or otherwise altering it.
Gender: Either (is capable of changing), but generally referred to as 'he'.
Height: Varies, but usually tall.
Hair: None
Eyes: Black
Age of Body: 54
Length of Stay on ES: 9 years

Remnant: Giving Birth
Skills: Hunting, teaching, crafting, hiding, reconnaissance
Weapon of choice: None
Colour of Augment Stones: Dark Brown
Clothing: None

General Characteristics and Personal History:
Milk landed on Earthsong closer to the Sapphire Guard HQ than most, and was fairly easy to find. When he was first inducted to the ranks, he had a hard time coping, partially due to feelings of uselessness and insufficiency, partly due to a (still undiagnosed) case of post-natal depression and borderline psychosis. His suppression of this has lead to generally being reserved and moody, but he often breaks from reality when under stress, especially when on the loosing side of something. His skills as a communicator and a mentor that he had in his homeland have been lost, but when inspired, flashes of this can return.

He is not much good for fighting the Mandies, but he is a useful sentry and spy. He is logical and quick-witted, and can usually get out of scrapes. His body has gained a similar feel to dough - as such, he is quite soft and impervious to blunt force, falling, etc., as he just jumps back into shape.

He feels somewhat out-of-place with the other members of the Sapphire Guard, but maintains generally good relations with most of them. Highly respectful of Earthsong. Milk was named for his pure, white complexion.
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PostPosted: Sun Oct 26, 2008 10:52 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

NOTE: I'm just posting this for fun, because I couldn't resist. Feel free not to take it seriously.

Name: Gkpak
Race: Clothing Gnome
Soulstone Power: creating garments out of whole cloth
Gender: female
Height: 2'6"
Hair: Straggly gray
Eyes: Green
Age of Body: Unknown
Length of Stay on ES: Unknown

Remnant: None
Skills: Anything having to do with fabric, specifically creation, forming and tailoring
Weapon of choice: Needle and thread
Colour of Augment Stones: None
Clothing: Skirt, blouse, apron and mob cap. The apron has a pocket for thread and notepad, pins are stuck through the trim.

General Characteristics and Personal History:
Gkpak is one of several clothing gnomes of both sexes residing in the Sapphire Guard Post. They live in the basement, in a luxuriously appointed suite of rooms complete with looms, dying vats and sewing rooms. Of course, the fabric is of the highest quality.

The division of labor is split mostly between males and females, trough personal choice. Most males prefer to cultivate the living sources of materials and to harvest them, while most females prefer to create the fabric and garments themselves. There are always exceptions, and one of Gkpak's close friends in the sewing room is an older gentleman by the name of Erwlt.

The clothing gnome complexion is mottled in tones of dusty greens and browns, which serves to hide the splashes of dye they are inevitably hit with during that process. Dying takes place in deepest secrecy, to conceal the secret recipes and techniques of the trade... and to keep their own clothing clean. They are humanoid in form, with as much variation as humans have. Gkpak herself is on the plump side, from too much Wiple syrup of a morning and sitting in the sewing room all day. Their eyes tend to be large and very acute, finger long and agile. Males tend to have larger ears and noses, and for both sexes, the mouth is relatively small. Height ranges from 2 feet to 3 feet tall, and anyone over that height is considered out of proportion and freakish. In fact, Gkpak's height of 2'6" is on the tall side of average, and she commands a lot of respect.

Gkpak is particularly social for a clothing gnome, and is usually the one who takes fittings when the need arises. This is actually quite rare, because the gnomes have a very accurate eye for sizes, and usually have at least one outfit ready before the new arrival gets settled in. She also oversees all the interactions with the Big Folk, as she has the most rational perspective while dealing with them.

END NOTE: I didn't put information for a lot of things because I don't know what Teh Lady wants to do with it, or what she considers appropriate, sing this is basically a pseudo-canon species. The rest I made up myself.
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PostPosted: Sun Oct 26, 2008 5:11 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Name: “Jagger”
Race: Gremlin
Soulstone Power: Silence/sound (absorb nearby sound waves at will, and release stored sound, for example: a single blast or false footsteps. He is limited in the amount of sound he can aborb, but he has gotten very good a masking releases with bird and animal calls.)
Gender: Male
Height: 6’ 3” (190.5 cm)
Hair: White Dreadlocks (tips dyed red)
Eyes: pale Violet
Age of Body: 32 yr. (24 yr, medical equivalent)
Length of Stay on ES: around 40 yr.

Remnant: Struck by a rock-fall while on a recreational hunting trip. His last sensation was of his leg cracking, hit by a bouncing rock, and the sight of a hundred more crumbing away from the cliff-face and streaming toward him.
Skills: tracking, accuracy, and stealth; probably high-tech skills he has forgotten along with his education. Since ariving, Jagger has had exensive training with most types of weapons, and shows particular skill with a rapier but rarely brings more than his bow on missions, to cut down on noise.
Weapon of choice: bow, fists/gauntlets
Color of Augment Stones: rose-quartz
Clothing: dark red shirt, open-chest, reinforced with leather at the breast and back. His loose pants hang an inch or two below his knees and are full of pockets.

General Characteristics and Personal History: Though Jagger was considered a rugged outdoorsman at home, Goblins are a highly technological society, adapted to a much easier life-style than say, humans, and, from what Jagger can guess, have not used bows in combat for centuries.
He has gray-ish, caramel-colored skin due to his love for the sun and outdoors, but after a few days in, the red tones fade, revealing some of the gray-green pigment beneath. He has long ears on the sides of his head that can twist down nearly 180 degrees to listen behind. His vision is slightly red-shifted compared to a human’s, but the difference is hardly noticeable.
Jagger is slender, weighing about 160 lbs (70-some kg?), but his quickness and reach give him a decent chance in close combat. (for body-shape, think “surfer”) His hands and feet are slightly larger in proportion to a human. He is far more dexterous than his shape would suggest, and moves quickly through crowds or tight places. Jagger also climbs trees with a fair amount of speed, and is just as comfortable underground as above it.
As for personality, Jagger is very informal. He has a loud voice and an off-the-wall sense of humor, always irreverent, very occasionally crossing the line into offensive. He can be serious, though, even if his tone of respect accidentally comes off sounding tongue-in-cheek. It can take people a long time to get used to Jagger, but those that do find his quick wit to be an accurate indication of his quick mind. He is always eager to learn, though he may not act like it, and he loves reading, as long as he’s outside.

EDIT: changed soul-stone power and added a few skills he would have picked up during his long stay on Earthsong.
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PostPosted: Sun Oct 26, 2008 7:43 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Member Profile:

Name: Ariel (named after the character in Shakespeare's Tempest)
Race: Hyperborean
Soulstone Power: Flight
Gender: Female
Height: 5'8"
Hair: Pale Blonde
Eyes: Gold
Age of Body: 27
Length of Stay on ES: 40 years

Remnant: Being told of her husband's death
Skills: unaided flight, archery, reconnaissance, records keeping and cataloging, cooking, medicine and first aid
Weapon of choice: composite bow
Colour of Augment Stones: Azure blue
Clothing: dark blue wrap halter and multi-layered skirt. (see pic HERE^_^ )

General Characteristics and Personal History:

The Hyperboreans are a very, very old race, and as such have since evolved into a peaceful civilization of very advanced technologies and vast archives of knowledge about not only their planet, but others they have come into contact with as well. They're observers only however, and stringently avoid contact with less-developed, more violent cultures.

Ariel is fairly certain she was some kind of librarian on her home planet, in part from pieces of her remnant but also due to her love of books and learning, and her tendency to enjoy sharing her discoveries with anyone who makes the mistake of sitting still long enough to earn themselves a lecture on the fascinating migration habits of some new indigenous bird she's just finished cataloging.

Physically she is a bit shorter than the average Hyperborean, and would likely have been considered on the thin side as well. However like most of her kind she tends to move with a light and airy gracefulness, seeming to float even when both feet are firmly planted on the ground. She is a stickler for manners and proper etiquette and can occasionally come of snobbish, but she is deeply loyal and cares immensely for every member in the Guard and wouldn't hesitate to do whatever it takes to protect them.

The idea of voluntarily engaging in conflict was a hard one for the peace-loving Hyperborean to wrap her mind around, but when she came to understand the importance of Earthsong's battle she didn't hesitate to volunteer her loyalty to the cause, learning archery in order to be of more help. In her free time (when she isn't cataloging wildlife or debating with Zaebos about some obscure fact or other) she studies the various races recorded, seeking to improve and expand her knowledge of first aid and medicines to better benefit all of Earthsong's children.

(edited so it'd feel a little more fleshed out Smile )
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PostPosted: Sun Oct 26, 2008 10:34 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Name: Kassandra
Race: Yaree (Think ghost.)
Soulstone Power: Physical tangibility
Gender: Female
Height: 5'3"
Hair: Silver grey to shoulderblades, secured with a tie.
Eyes: Black, no sclera
Age of Body: 19
Length of Stay on ES: 15 years

Remnant: Planetary firestorm and stabbing triggering the start of the next stage in her life cycle.
Skills: Stick/staff fighting.
Weapon of choice: Sticks.
Colour of Augment Stones: Black
Clothing: Robes.

General Characteristics and Personal History:

*deeeep breath*

The Yaree came into being on a porous planet crisscrossed with undersea caverns and passageways, the surface of the world was a rich jungle and the air composed of a dual layer atmosphere, the inner atmosphere approximating earth normal, though with a much higher oxygen concentration, while the outer layer was composed of light gases and expanded out past the planet’s asteroid ring which was composed of various crystal structures. Flying creatures in the much denser lower atmosphere exploited mechanical methods of flight and tended to be predators, while those in the upper atmosphere exploited buoyancy and tended due to their slower metabolisms to be large herbivores living mainly in herds. The creatures in the lower atmosphere tended to prey on those from the higher atmosphere when they descended to feed on the rich plant life. The planet’s elliptical orbit brought it within close proximity of its sun for a day every five years during which time firestorms ravaged the surface. The planet had designed its surface to take advantage of this, trees during this time shed their seeds which would be covered in a layer of rich ash and grow rapidly as the planet moved away from the sun and the firestorms subsided taking advantage of high levels of carbon dioxide released when the last trees were burned, their biology slowing and producing seeds during the cold months at the other extreme that the planet spent in the outer system before it was pulled back into the warmth of the sun. Animal life either took refuge bellow the waves or buried themselves or their spores bellow the ground seeking to survive the coming firestorm, some crystalline entities – taken by all other life on the planet to be simple rocks - worked this equation in reverse, hibernating during the cold months spent away from the firestorms and emerging for a single day every orbit in order to take advantage of the energy rich environment and to mate.

It was from a combination of these principles that the Yaree were crafted, designed by the planet to be able to take advantage of the entirety of the solar cycle their lives were split into three stages, during the moderate months when the planet was not too far from the sun and not too close the Yaree were essentially non-sentient predators, with high muscle mass and decreased cerebral capabilities, they hunted, and bred during this stage with very little thought. As the planet moved towards the outer system their biology took advantage of the food they had eaten during the temperate phase, enlarging their brains and dropping a lot of muscle mass, the also grew large white crystalline-based wings generally kept folded along the spine, though not sufficient to fly with, sentience emerged around the same time that the trees were dropping their seeds and most major predators, including those Yaree who had not managed to eat enough to achieve sentience that year, going into hibernation. During these months vestiges of civilisation appeared before the planet began its journey back to the inner system. The Yaree civilisation was at this stage quite meritocratic since the concept of family had little meaning to a creature having evolved from a rather loner type of predator. It is likely that had the final stage in their life cycle not existed the Yaree would never have evolved any lasting art or technology, their civilisation wiped away by the annual firestorm. But when the planet swept into flame again the Yaree who had achieved sentience found their creator had one final trick, they spread their wings before the flames and escaped their bodies, their wings functioning as power generators exploiting the sudden thermal differential as one side of the planet rotated into the sun and they crossed the terminator, their biology taking advantage of the high energy environment to form into something else entirely.

This stage of Yaree had no wings, were uniformly black eyed, had very little mass and thus was subject to the whims of gravity at a more limited level, and much to its shock it found that only by exercising its will could it interact with most physical objects. There was an exception to this however in that the Yaree could interact with anything crystalline in nature quite freely.

As far as appearance went these Yaree were much the same as their second stage brethren, in that they were roughly humanoid in form, I.E. four limbs and a head, with skin that's composed of thousands of little v shaped segments like a shark that reflect light in various ways, (although much softer,) giving it a faint fluffy texture to the touch and a strange sheen in the light as if it's wet all the time. This skin was grey shifting to blue depending upon whether the individual is in direct light or not. They had very pronounced and frail cheek bones where the skull had expanded to accomodate the brain displacing muscle, the back of the skull was a little longer than a human's. Eyes recessed back into the skull about an inch further than a human with correspondingly bigger sockets to accomodate the transition between socket bone and eyes muscle. Eyes were a little closer together, the nose lower down the face and only about half as pronouced as the typical human nose. They posessed the same large bones in the arms and legs that used to accomodate the extra muscle mass from the predator stage. Knees were about a handspan higher than you'd find on a human. Perhaps the most striking difference between their brethren and themselves, apart from their different physical properties and their eyes, were the vestigal bumps forming lines of muscle up from the waist to the back of the arms where wings used to join the shoulder blades and the back of the ribs. Claws still developed if finger bone growth was left untrimmed for too long, sharp extrusions of bone on the outside of elbows extending back from the forearm still existed.

Many Yaree took advantage of their new lightness and settled on the asteroids within the planet’s atmosphere, catching rides on the floating herbivore herds, where they were free to interact with the world again, constructed cities and continued to advance their society, some stayed and watched life emerge again – including their own species starting its life cycle anew. Over time the late stage Yaree served as advisors when sentience appeared once again, technology and art evolved both on the crystalline asteroids which was becoming a much more technologically advanced culture due to its continuity of knowledge and on the surface of the planet under the guidance of those who had gone before.

Thousands of years passed by in this manner, the mid stage Yaree found ways to shelter themselves from the sun’s fire taking refuge in bunkers deep bellow the earth, they lost knowledge of the final stage of their evolution – after all it seemed only logical that if they could avoid a planet ravaging firestorm they should do so, the late stage Yaree advised they not hide and were taken to be attempting to destroy the surface dwellers who set to hunting them with crystal tipped spears seeing them as a threat. Society became less equal, dividing between those who bred while sentient and their children who were born into sentience and thus had concepts of inheritance and family along with a better continuity of knowledge, and the, ‘wilds,’ those who evolved naturally from their predator form. The wilds lived in technological primitive villages and traded food with their cousins in their walled cities for artefacts of higher technology, and for access to libraries and other public services such as firestorm shelters. Understandably the late stage Yaree grew distant from their embodied cousins largely taking their leave of the surface world and passing into folk lore bar for the occasional sighting or advisor. The wilds became resentful of the sentient-born’ wealth. Civil disorder became rife, suppressed by the powerful city militaries which took up residence within wild villages and charged a tithe for the, ‘service,’ wilds were banned from possessing weapons.

Kassandra was a member of the wild class, serving as a peace officer in the newly formed ‘wild self defence forces’ under the control of the city militaries – essentially a way to get wilds to police themselves and thus reduce costs. Since wilds were not permitted weapons they had developed their own forms of martial arts, varying with environment and local city culture within the nation that particular wild culture happened to occur in, the form in Kassandra’s area was known as Va’lay and primarily concerned stick and staff fighting since these were deniable weapons easily to hand. Her position in the SDF allowed her access to books and music, elements of culture she quickly became addicted to using them to justify her continuation in the SDF in view of increasing evidence of the city military taking ever greater liberties. Trade essentially ceased between the cities and the villages as the military charged greater and greater tithes for their presence, entire villages of wilds were considered born into the debts of those who had come before them. Quick to anger though slow to speak of it Kassandra appeared to have a snap temper, though infact it was rather slow to come about. It was this temper that would ultimately lead to her arriving on Earthsong. The resentment she felt towards the nobility had been building for a long time when on the day of the impending firestorm she noticed a member of the nobility assaulting a shop owner. She promptly arrested the man who drew his sword on her and left her bleeding on the earth and the shop keeper dead. As the firestorm engulfed the planet Kassandra’s wings exploited the thermal differential and her body changed, entering the next stage of the life cycle. The trauma of watching the world engulfed in flame coupled with the earlier murder and fear of her impending mortality triggering the transfer to Earthsong.
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PostPosted: Sun Oct 26, 2008 11:54 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Name: Chet
Race: Chitauli (Lizardman)
Soulstone Power: Heat vision
Gender: Male
Height: 2.5 meter tall
Hair: None
Eyes: Gold with azure and copper flecks
Age of Body: 26
Length of Stay on ES: 15 years

Remnant: He has only told Zaebos what his remnant is completely, but from what others can tell, it involves romance and a hunt.
Skills: He is very sensitive to heat; because of this (and his poor eyesight), he is better able to tell where something is rather than what something is. He is good at tracking and hunting, though he does his fair share of poetry.
Weapon of choice: Spear and spiked tail
Colour of Augment Stones: Gold
Clothing: Varies wildly because he is heterothermic (cold-blooded). His basic includes small shorts, but can build up to a coat or looser garments.

General Characteristics and Personal History:

Chet is a optimistic and bubbly, but he'll tend to focus on something incessantly should it catch his attention. He enjoys spur-of-the-moment research and visits Haven every now and then to make use of their library. He's sometimes embarrassed when he's caught amid his research; if found within the confines of the library, he'll pretend to be more "macho." If anybody did their research on his species, they might think that Chet was born in the hunter caste of the lizard-people society; crossing lines into the scholar caste would have been a no-no on his homeworld--but something that's very possible on Earthsong. Zaebos would call his methods sloppy but thorough. Chet knows a lot about the most random things, but his knowledge often skips around in areas and has holes.

Of course, being a hunter hasn't left Chet; he routinely stalks members of the Sapphire guard and pounces on them when they least expect it--in good fun, of course. He'll go out and hunt for meat for the rest of the Guard every now and then as well. Energetic and tireless, Chet is sympathetic and tries to help as much as he can (while somehow retaining the macho image that's always in the back of his brain), but he also understands Tough Love™ and knows that Life Happens™.

Chet stands at 2.5 meters and is both bipedal and quadrupedal. When interacting with the other guard, he generally stands erect, but he'll drop to all fours when hunting. He'll also tend to stand erect when wearing more and looser clothing because they tend to drag on the ground.

Chet has tough, scaly skin, which reduces the need for armor. Altogether, he weighs in at about 100kg, mostly sheer muscle. His species also has secondary eyelids a la gecko.

He has adopted shorts similar to Zaebos, but his general clothing tends to be very thin; because he doesn't produce his own body heat, he can't really insulate himself and keep heat in. If he wears heavy clothing, it is generally to keep the cold out and maintain the temperature he started out with...though that will keep cooling until he eventually falls asleep.
Keeper of Zaebos' and Jormand's powers.

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Member Profile: Tenshi's Animalpalis "Samson"

Name: Samson
Race: Animalapis (Latin for "Living stone")
Soulstone Power: "Stone skin" (Just like it sounds)
Gender: Male
Height: 10'7"
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Precious gemstone colors depending on mood, usually Lapis Lazuli
Age of Body: 237
Length of Stay on ES: 6 years

Remnant: A massive earthquake, the world seeming to split apart. Volcanoes erupting and devouring his friends and loved ones in rivers of molten rock. He would later come to learn that this was his home world "dying" and falling into permanent slumber. His soulstone was the last that would ever form from his home world.

Skills: Architecture, gardening

Weapon of choice: Fists or boulders

Colour of Augment Stones: Lazurite

Clothing: A pair of simple cloth pants and a cloth shirt, though both are of extraordinary size. (Poor Gkpak)

General Characteristics and Personal History:

Samson is much like any member of his race, generous and gentle. Warfare largely passed over the Animalapis, as they were a naturally calm and slow species. When one can live for a thousand years or more, what's the point of rushing off to accomplish some temporary task? To that end, most Animalpalis tend to spend their time in quiet relaxation or meditation. Several, like Samson, have taken a liking to gardening.

As a race, the Animalpalis are roughly twice the height of a standard Gaian human. They have fairly resilient skin, and tend not to bleed very much when cut. Most Animalpalis live in harmony with nature, as their very anatomy is tied to the world itself. They live in extended social circles, and are relatively settled. Advanced technology was never an active pursuit, though horticulture and botany are both highly regarded in Animalpalis society.

As an individual specimen, Samson is an average man of his age. With features that (naturally) look carved from stone, and massive strength, he is the equivalent of Giants or Titans from Earth folklore. Other than these outward physical differences, and a completely different anatomy based on digesting minerals and some carbohydrates directly, Samson looks like any other human would.

The one specific trait that Samson has, unique among his people, is a discoloration of his face. Normally Animalpalis males have short black or brown "hair" made of woven crystalline fibers (if they have hair at all), and the rest of their body remains smooth. In Samson's case, he had developed a string of ruby crystalline fibers along his jaw-line. As this was a symbol of pride, Samson earned his nickname early on Earthsong for an old Earth legend featuring a character of the same name.

OOC Note: In summary, Earth Giant/Titan. Gentle, kind, mild-mannered, soft-spoken. Quiet and reserved, eats rocks and plants (seldom). Relatively simple demeanor belies a contemplative and observant mind, however.. Hm. That's all I've got for now. Characters tend to come out more during play, for me.
. Dubbed "Usagi" by AsA .
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"If by chance some day you're not feeling well, and you should remember some silly thing I've said or done, and it brings back a smile to your face or a chuckle to your heart, then my purpose as your clown has been fulfilled."
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PostPosted: Mon Oct 27, 2008 6:27 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Name: Cochinell (from the insect family coccinellidae, the ladybirds, which also provides the name for the food dye, cochineal)
Race: Based on the Undead (or should that be vice versa?) and on the egyptian scarab thing
Soulstone Power: control over light – can make an area completely dark, or release bright flashes of light from any part of his body. Can focus this through his eyes to make eye beams, but this is very exhausting
Gender: asexually reproducing species, so none. But for pronoun use, he's male, for simplicity's sake.
Height: 6'8''
Hair: N/A
Eyes: compound eyes, dark red colour
Age of Body: 12 earth years (late middle age in the species)
Length of Stay on ES: short – just five months

Remnant: getting badly injured in a shootout whilst involved in a case
Skills: general brawling, marksmanship, detective type stuff
Weapon of choice: for close work, a walking stick, for longer range, a crossbow
Colour of Augment Stones: milky white
Clothing: none

General Characteristics and Personal History:

The species concerned is an insectoid species which, being taller than the average human, a bleached whitish colour with darker markings and eyes, and very thin, provides the source for many appearances thorughout literature, myth and videogames of animate skeletons. The light control powers are associated both with the egyptian scarab myths (the scarab pushing the sun, causing both day and night) and with generic dark magic type stuff. They are humanoid in posture, with 4 limbs.

Cochinell was a Private Detective in a very high tech society. He had been hired to track down the missing offspring of a local drug lord by its mate. He found the one he was seeking, who had been kidnapped by a rival of its parent, but got caught by the kidnappers' guards. IN the ensuing firefight, he was seriously injured and left for dead, which triggered his coming to earthsong.
Keeper of Tristram's rings, and Felucca's very expressive ears.
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PostPosted: Mon Oct 27, 2008 9:14 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Name: Ruthven
Race: Minuon
Soulstone Power: Draining energy/Giving energy (Tristram's power)
Gender: Male
Height: 4'2''
Hair: Blue
Eyes: Blue
Age of Body: 11 Earth years.
Length of Stay on ES: 3 years.

Remnant: Him and his parents, among the few free Minuons on the planet, huddled in their hiding spot. The apprehension, the sound of footsteps growing nearer and the fear that accompanied them are the last (first?) things Ruthven remembers.
Skills: Survival skills such as hunting (though hardly necessary with his power), stealth and acute senses.
Weapon of choice: Uses no weapons. He used traps for hunting.
Colour of Augment Stones: Green
Clothing: Victorian era clothing, though specifically the informal attire of the era. Won't wear anything orange.

General Characteristics and Personal History:

The Minuons are, as you know, very blue. Aside from their blue skin, hair and eyes (and pointy ears), their appearance is very human-like. On their planet, they are treated by the Vampires as an inferior species. They are captive and used more or less as livestock. But the planet is big, and of course here and there some Minuons roam free. These Minuons live in fear of the Vampires, and avoid them at all costs. The free Minuons lack the technology wielded by the Vampires, and thus have little chance at fighting back.

Due to his upbringing and remnant, Ruthven is a fearful child. His instinctual response to most situations is to flee. That said, he is idealistic and insistent about helping Earthsong defend herself against Beluosus. He tries his best to overcome his difficulties and help as much as he can. (If this isn't clear enough - he wants to help in theory, but in practice he does more running than fighting.)
Once Ruthven has warmed up to someone, he can become quite attached to that person. He enjoys fooling around like any boy his age, especially with his friends. He uses his power mostly to heal, but he yearns to fight and use his power against Mandragoras. However, the collective opinion is that this would be a bad idea, so he rarely goes out on missions.
Ruthven has been trying to overcome his fear of strangers, but it usually gets the best of him. It is not surprising to find him alone.
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PostPosted: Tue Oct 28, 2008 3:45 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Name: Dimble “Sharptongue” Frostshard
Race: Gnome
Soulstone Power: Illusions. Even those who are aware of him and his power, and that logically the things he creates must be illusions, have a hard time disbelieving his figments. Without concentrating on anybody in specific, he can create either a specific image(s) that he is in complete control of. Or, he can make a shadowy figment that, if he chooses to concentrate on anyone in specific, the shadowy figment will turn into what may very well be the victim's worst fear. Nobody else, not even Dimble, can see what it is the victim sees.
Gender: Male
Height: 3'5"
Hair: Dirty Blonde
Eyes: Light Blue
Age of Body: 54 (equivalent of 23)
Length of Stay on ES: 4 months

Remnant: Blood. The blood was everywhere. It was all his blurry vision could see. It soaked his clothes, it made him slip, it filled his mouth. And it was all his.. The most prominent things he could remember were the blood. The pain. And the fear; Oh, god, the fear. Looking back on it, he was sure that it was impossible that anybody had been through so much fear in their life. It surrounded him. It soaked into his bones. It controlled him.

All he knew was that he had been captured by the neighboring country of gnomes. Dimble had some kind of crucial information. A secret passage? Some kind of password? His king’s greatest weakness? He can’t recall it now, but he knew that if these vile imitations of gnome-kind succeeded in knowing what he knew, his brethren were all doomed. Whatever it was, they wanted it badly; they had been torturing him for a while. He had resisted, but he knew he was about to give in; the mind-numbing fear and pain were too much for him. But just before he could give in, he found himself on Earthsong.

Skills: Given his remnant, it seems that nothing can frighten Dimble. He is incredibly brave. Also, he has a mind as sharp as his tongue, a cunning that can be more deadly than any blade. He is an expert at lies and deceit, as well. And, while it is not really a focus of his, he is fairly quick and agile.
Weapon of choice: He prefers to fight with his mind, but he does have a long dagger with a jeweled hilt – but for his size, it acts more like a shortsword.
Colour of Augment Stones: Smoke (Somewhat transparant)
Clothing: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v287/ChrisWork/Dimble.jpg

General Characteristics and Personal History: Even while Mandragora and Sapphire guard fought over his fate, he was numb. Motionless. Ready to die. For the next few days, Dimble was still locked in fear, never speaking for more than one word at a time. When he finally recovered, he knew he could not ever go back; if he did, he would give in to his torturers. But to sit and do nothing maddened him; so, he decided to fight.

Once he had decided to fight, he started to turn back into what seemed like his old self. He is completely full of it, and fully enjoys taunting his opponents. In a fight, he is most likely to focus on one person, giving them a taste of the mind-numbing fear that his remnant is full of. He may be bitter in his own smug way, he may be a jerk, but he has never shown his comrades anything short of responsibility and loyalty.

Physical description and culture:
-Personality: Gnomes adore animals, beautiful gems, and jokes of all kinds. Members of this race have a great sense of humor. And while they loveo puns, jokes, and games, they also relish tricks - the more intricate the better. They aply the same dedication to more practical arts, such as engineering, as they do to their pranks. Gnomes are inquisitive. They love to find things out by personal experience. At times they're even reckless. Their curiosity makes them skilled engineers, since they are always trying new ways to build things. Sometimes a gnomeo pulls a prank just to see how the people involved will react.

-Physical description: GNomes stand about 3 to 3-1/2 feet tall and weigh 40 to 45 pounds. Their skin ranges from dark tan to woody brown, their hair is fair, and their eyes can be any shade of blue. Gnome males prefer short, carefully trimmed beards. Gnomes generally wear leather or earth tones, and they decorate their clothtes with intricate stitching or fine jewelry. Gnomes reach adulthood at about age 40, and they tipycally live about 350 years, though some can live almost 500 years. Many gnomes have the ability to create very small, very minor illusions.

-Example gnomes, to give a better visual.




This is my old account, which I'm switching back to. I was Its_Chris_The_Dude.

I was dubbed Chan by Asa, just 'cause.
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PostPosted: Wed Dec 17, 2008 4:25 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Name: Durgha
Race: Devi
Soulstone Power: Stealth Invisibility (ie not total)
Gender: Female
Height: 5"9'
Hair: Black, thick
Eyes: Amber-yellow
Age of Body: 28
Length of Stay on ES: 20

Remnant: None of your business.
Skills: Hunter, reconaissance, agility.
Weapon of choice: Wide notched daggers
Colour of Augment Stones: Rusty Orange
Clothing: Leather bodice and arm/leg braces, tough canvas shirt and pants.

General Characteristics and Personal History:

Durgha is the leader of the Sapphire Guard, having been hand picked by Nanashi for the job - indeed, the two are very much alike in disposition. Durgha is serious and duty oriented, though she doesn't have the same notion of "honour" that Nanashi does. She is straightforward, intelligent, but not prone to metaphor. They would get along famously if their similar styles and strong wills didn't put them in conflict with one another. That said, they both have a strong respect for the other.

She was a member of the warrior caste on her homeworld - a powerful group of mercenaries known for their efficiency and emotional detachment. But they are not given to betrayal or trickery - even suggesting a double-cross would find you on the wrong end of a blade. Thus they make excellent bodyguards and are frequently employed as such.

As a race, the Devi are one of the older in the universe, thus their soulstone power has been heavily watered down through the generations, almost to the point of humans, where it has become a myth. Durgha's caste have mastered what little is left of their invisibility powers though, though they keep it to themselves.

The Devi have many races which are subdivided into castes. Your caste is one of familial inheritance - you are born into your profession. Racism is prevalent on their world accordingly. Durgha's race is seen as one of the lower middle class ones, but mercenary caste is highly respected... if not out of respect for their skills, then simply out of fear of them. The higher castes are the only ones who can afford their services.

Despite all this, Durgha is not heartless as is often be thought of her Haven counterpart. She enjoys celebrations and gatherings, but does not appreciated lightheartedness in the face of serious trouble - there is a time and a place for all things.
Keeper of Nanashi's Vambraces and the Amethyst Trees.
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